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Hello from a newbie

My name is Cathy and I'm a fataholic!
I've just ordered the bumper pack so I'm guessing it won't come now until Monday, but I may as well get myself in the right frame of mind.
I have been mostly doing Diet Chef for a month or so, which has been OK and I will probably go back to after Exante, until I've got myself sorted with healthy eating.
I have at least 6 stone to lose. I have been semi-trying to lose it for so long, I feel now is the time to bite the bullet and lose at least some of it quickly.
DH was made redundant last month which has swayed me away from Lighter Life, just can't spend that kind of cash at the moment. I was disappointed Exante doesn't have a forum, but there looks to be some good support on here!
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taking it 1 day at a time
Good luck on Exante, hope you do well.
Good Luck. Everyone on here is so helpfull. There's always someone that can answer your questions and pick you up when times are hard.
Yep, but it is very much a forum for mutual support, so you get out what you put in, really. More of a little community.

All the best with it. :)
Thanks guys. I upped my water intake and spent half of yesterday on the loo ....guess that goes to show how little I've been drinking. Onwards and upwards.


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Hi Cathy

Welcome! I'm new as well, not to Minimins but to exante.

Just a quick question - i noticed your user name........ are you same britchic4 from PTS?
That's very interesting Debbi but I think it deserves it's own thread, people might not see it here.


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it was a spam thing Miss D, seems to be on several threads on each board
I couldn't figure out why she was posting it on this thread, then I saw it everywhere else and twigged!

My Exante package still hasn't come but I am hoping it will arrive today and I can start. haven't eaten anything yet - well except a tiny bit of milk in my tea I guess.
Yay the stuff just came! So off to read the booklet and might have a piece of bar. They look fairly substantial at least!


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The bars are ok, I've had one for my brekkie, Think i'll have a soup for lunch today.

Are you starting today then?


Having a mid-life crisis
Welcome, you'll do great :)

The bars are ok, I've had one for my brekkie, Think i'll have a soup for lunch today.

Are you starting today then?
Yes I've had about 3/4 of a bar and a strawberry shake. Wasn't too bad. Feels VERY wierd that the fruit in the fruit bowl is off limits though, not to mention the stuff in the fridge! Cooking for the children might be tough at times.
hello and welcome! i've been doing exante for 2 weeks and i also thought cooking for my son would be hard but the shakes and soups really fill me up and i dont really think about food anymore! :)
That must be nice! It has been easier than I thought today, and I am only having 3 although I have a lot of weight to lose.

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