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Hello from a newbie

Hello everyone, im Abigail :] ive joined today as i think im in need of a little bit of support from people who understand what its like when youre first restarting a diet and of course fighting the temptation throughout the duration. Ive always been slightly overweight and unhappy with my size. I started Lighterlife lite about a year and a half ago and the results were absolutely incredible, i had never felt better - i then ran out of money (being a student is the worst :[) and then the motivation, and the pounds piled back on. Ive never been as happy or confident since. I want today to be my turning point to start afresh to stop relapsing/lapsing which i have been doing for a fair while now. I need to start being more honest with myself to become the person i want to be :] I hope you guys can help me through motivation. I hope to start a diary on here to document my journey ... Well here i go !! Xo
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Hi and welcome! I'm new here too, started Slim Fast 2 days ago and have done it in the past with good results. Good luck and let us know how you get on!
Hello LighterCL !! Good luck to you too, really hope you get the results you want on Slim fast :]
Shall hopefully keep up with this site, everyone seems so nice :D

And thanks Justintime - you're right we can all do it if we put our minds to it !! Let's do it :D
Hi Abigail,

Nice to meet you and welcome. I can pretty much relate to your experience. About 4 yrs ago I wasn't on any specific diet. Just healthy eating and lots of daily exercise. I lost mega weight. Later split up with my ex fiancè and became majorly depressed. Before I knew it? I was back to my fatty self again and been trying to lose it ever since to regain my self esteem and fit back into all those expensive nice clothes I bought during the time I'd lost and maintained my weight lol
I've just started the Lipotrim diet on Monday and it hasn't been easy. But if you can afford the lighterlife now? RRRReeeally give it your best shot. Even if you feel tempted to cheat? Just walk away. Distract yourself with something or what I do sometimes, just go for a long power walk and jog.

If you need support? I could do with some too. Maybe we could help each other. I'll be around somewhere if you'd like to vent your frustrations.

All the best!
Hello Miami Brown :]

Lovely to meet you too !! I think it's quite a common thing lapsing then one thing leading to another then complete relapse. Joining here was definitely a good move, sharing experience and having other people to talk to who are experience/have experienced very similar things. Even better, now I have an android phone so i can log straight onto here when i'm about to cheat and convince myself that being happy in myself is tastier than that extra portion. I'm now on a steady income and i think i'm able to afford it at the very least until my current target which is great :D I've never actually heard of Lipotrim but i might research into it.
But yes, the offering of support is gladly accepted - thanks so much :D and of course, if you ever need to talk/vent - i'm here too :]
Definately! :D

Lipotrim is really simple. 3 powder shake satchets each made with 240ml a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Been on it for 3 days now. Tuesday was mega tough, I must say. And my birthday which was yesterday was even worse! lol But like so many of us here, the weight needs to go. Gotta get my life back on track and look hot whilst doing it. haha I've got a really beautiful dress I bought 2 yrs ago and I'm determined to have it fit me properly. At the moment the only thing about my weight that's bothering me are my hips and thighs because I find jeans so restricting. That goodness for leggings!

But anyway. You've got 20lbs to lose! You can do it girl. You don't need food to keep you satisfied. Living will do that for you and you'll feel all the better for it. You've done it before and you can do it again :)
Sorry, that's...thank goodness :p
Awwwh, happy birthday for yesterday chick !! It will all be worth the suffering though, well done you for pulling through :]

It actually sounds very similar to Lighterlife, i may have to have a good old read about it and maybe give that a go !! :eek: I have my bum as a problem area, no matter how much weight i lose, my bum always seems to take over, aha :'] I'm absolutely certain you can get into that dress, put your mind to it and show your ex what he's missing aha ;p I love how empowering losing a bit of weight feels.

But yeah !! We can both do it, let's keep each other motivated :D !!
How's it going Abigail? :)
Hey again Miami Brown - its going okay, a few slip ups but ive not let it ruin my chances :] the LLL councillors have been so supportive too !! Howre you doing on your programme ?? xo


has a thin girl inside!
Good luck to you all (me included!!) Its just all about getting yr mind around it! I'm sure you all sound motivated! X

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