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    I am a 42 year old woman, who is hoping she has found something interesting that my work this time. I had great success with Slimming World in my early 20s, tried Weight Watchers in my late 30's after having 2 of my children. Now my 3rd child is 4 and I haven't got back into my size 12's let alone 10's since I became pregnant with him.

    I keep trying to diet and only lasting a day or two. I was browsing the internet on Sunday for help and inspiration and found an article that caught my eye (this happened 19 months ago when I saw something to help be quit smoking, I have now been a non smoker for 18 months). So, I am hoping this will work for the eating problem. It was the Harcombe diet and sounded really interesting, I certainly don't believe everything I read, but I downloaded the book and decided to give it a go.

    I need to loose around 3st maybe 4 (depending how I feel, I usually loose inches round my waist and do not wish to be smaller than a size 10).

    Day one of Phase 1 was yesterday, all went well. No serious side affects, no banging headaches from lack of caffeine. I am luck as I only drink black tea and coffee without sugar anyway. I am wondering how long I can last on herbal tea.

    Today I had to take my little girl for tests and she could not eat or drink before them, so I snuck in a couple of eggs for my breakfast when she wasn't looking. I had to take her for lunch afterwards, so did the best I could with meat and salad from the self serve counter.

    Enjoying it so far, hoping my get up and go will come back as it never returned when I quit smoking.

    Good luck to everyone here , sorry for the epic xx
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    Wish you the best. I think you will definitely lose extra weight. Quitting smoking indicates that you can adopt and sustain changes in your life. So find what helped with smoking and you may find a clue that will help you with extra weight. It is important to feel good with what you are doing, in your case weight loss plan. Hope it is the one you need and will be enjoy following.
  4. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    Thanks. I used a nicotine free e-cigarette for a couple of weeks (a crutch and a fall back if I wanted a cigarette). I kept it for ages, just incase, but never used it and it's been at a friends house for months now. When I read about this diet, I felt the same way I did about the e-cigarette - It's going to work for me :).

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