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Hello from another Newbie!

Hi, I found this wonderful forum when I was having a browse round the internet for weight loss information.

I'm female, nearly (very nearly!) 30 years old and 5'7" tall. I don't know how much I weigh but I take a size 14-16 on top and a size 18-20 on the bottom.

I suffer from lipoedema, which means my legs are very large and "doughy". I have ugly fat deposits below my knees which make my calves about 20" each round, which means that all jeans and trousers, even wide-leg and "boyfriend" style, are skinny-to-the-max fit on me.

I hope that losing weight will help to lessen the effects of the lipoedema, as well as give me more self confidence.

I'd love to wear a skirt or shorts again - I haven't worn anything that stops above the ankle since I was 21, apart from a brief try 18 months ago when someone made a completely innocuous comment about my skirt and I felt so self-concious that I had to go and have a cry in the toilets.

The buck stops here - from here on in is my attempt to lose weight and feel better about myself. Here goes!
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Hi Becky, I'm not sure whether I should follow a plan or just start to make changes to my eating habits.

I did follow the Weightwatchers points on-line plan a few years back but found I was crap at keeping up with totalling my points etc.

I have considered giving one of the slimming clubs with regular meetings a go, but I'm not sure whether I'd like the idea of discussing my weight face-to-face with others. The nurse I visit for my leg measurements has told me I will probably find it more difficult than most to lose weight from my legs, though my upper body shouldn't be a problem - and I don't want anyone to think of me as a failure down the line because I still have excess fat above the ankle.

I must admit that my dietary habits are abysmal. Like a lot of people I use the excuse of working long hours to justify chucking a pizza in the oven when I get home and washing it down with a glass or two of wine or a bottle of beer.

I know I shouldn't be eating like this, and I want to make a concious change. I enjoy healthy foods, and I enjoy cooking, so I need to get in the mind-set of actively seeking the healthy option and not just settling for "old favourites" like sausages or chocolate.
Hi and welcome. Have you thought about going to a class but having a word with the leader about your condition before you go. I am sure everyone there will be very welcoming and helpful

Irene xx
Thanks everyone for the welcome!

I've started a Food Focus diary to help me keep track of what I'm eating - and it has also opened my eyes to the high calorific content of some of the foods I thought were "good"!
Welcome to the forums, hun. And good for you with the creation of the food focus diary, it's quite helpful.

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