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Hello from county Durham

Hi guys :bliss:

My names Helen and as the title says i'm from county Durham!:D

Well where to start....:sigh:
Before I feel pregnant with my Son Ethan (who is now three) I went from 13stone and a size 16 to 10.8stone and a size 10-12! I was very proud... but after my son was born (weighing almost 11lbs) I had completely returned to my frumpy self. Yo-yo dieting left me between a 12-14-16 for years. For my wedding (two years ago in sept) I got down to 11.4 and was proud, but felt chubby still, especially when i saw the pictures!!!

The day after my wedding my uncle (who was more like my dad) died, aged only 44, leaving my auntie (married since they were 16) and my cousins (more like my sister and brother) (18 and 20) behind. My cousin was my cheif bridesmaid (it was her 18th birthday the day after the wedding, when her dad died.) Needless to say we never went on our hooneymoon and feeling very down at loosing such an amazing key person in my life, I started eating what i wanted when i wanted.:character00254:

In the Jan, me and my husband fell pregnant once again. We lost the baby at 12 weeks. In the August we fell pregnant again, I gave birth to my son lewis at 24 weeks and he did not survive, this was on the 14th of december last year.:tear_drop:

Feeling very down still, I ate badly again. And five weeks ago I weighed 12.5.
I lost abit myself through eating well and went down to 11.10.5lbs and then joined weight watchers.

In my first week I lost 6.5 pounds
on my second week I lost 3.5 pounds
a total of ten pounds in two weeks
This is currently my third week.

I want to feel happy and confident again, I'd like to be 9.11 if possible. I have many things to slim for, number one being my son Ethan, so I can keep up with him, as he is the most amazing little dude ever. The second being our Holiday to salou this year on june 19th, the third is my best friends hen party on the 18th of July and the fourth and final reason is my best friends wedding, where I am the only bridesmaid on the 29th of August.

so fingers crossed!!!! I'd love to chat to anyone really!!:D My husband works long hours in the prison service and having ethan quite young ment i was slightly isolated from my friends and i dont see them often. I'd love to share tips and idea's, give and recieve support, and hopefully make some lovely friends :eek:


Love H xx
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Hi and welcome. I am sorry to hear about all the dreadful things that have happened.

Good luck with WW and come over and join us in the WW section

Irene xx
Hi Irene,
well done and congratulations on all the weight you have lost so far, well done you!!!
Thanks for your kind words too, it has not been the easiest but Ethan and Chris pull me through, I have to be strong for them and therefore I am. xx
I am really enjoying ww, Had a bit of a cheat day yesterday though, I succumbed to some minstrels singing me a 'eattt meee' song from the cuboard... a big bag it was too :( never mind though, I have been back on track today and plan to be for the rest of the week and hope for the best on wednesdays weigh in. How are you finding ww??xx


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I go to a class and couldn't do the diet without it. Have been going just over a year and still have a long way to go. I make mini targets rather than looking at the whole picture.

Irene xx
yes I also go to a class and I enjoy it, Its nice chatting to people in similar situations. I go with my mother-in-law and nice because we can both will each other on. you have done amazingly well, what a star xx
Hi helen and welcome to minimins, Your story is so sad. I hope you make many on line friends here. Good luck.
Thank you Jim and Hello!! :) Congratulations on achieving your goal and losing so much weight, doing so well!!!! you must be very proud. Irene I am from a little place called sedgefield (better known as tony blairs home). you have probably never heard of it xx
Irene I am from a little place called sedgefield (better known as tony blairs home). you have probably never heard of it xx

Thanks Helen, if proud = Big head, then yes love. :)
Hello there

How are things going for you this week all good I hope.
Im faily new to the board as well . I live in Germany & life can get lonely here at times hence why I am normally on line lol. I used to live in County Durham befor I got married in Spennymoor do you know of it ? feel free to get in touch if you feel like a chat or need a listening ear.

catch up with you soon

Hi robyn, I had a couple of postings in Germany, first Detmold and then Bielefeld. We quite liked it, although being a very young newlywed and living in a hiring with no other English was a bit scary for wife to start with.
Hi Jim
I know Bielefeld very well lived there a few years ago for 2 years and loved it. There was lots to do and the town was great for shopping lol.
I even managed to drive around avoiding the TRAMS. At first I used to be scared stiff when I was on the road then you would see them in the rear view mirror & they would clang that dam bell to let you know they were there ! as if you didnt already know that !!!!!

ps apologies Helen for chatting on your post :)
LOL, looks like we've hijacked Helen's thread Robyn. We lived in Oerlinghausen when we were stationed there Robyn, that would have been in the mid '70's. We lived the block called the battleship.

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