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Hi guys, just found this forum and after some soul-searching I have started a thread so I can get my weight issues under control; I am like a pastiche of Bridget Jones and would love to get a grip of things.

I am planning to cut way down on the booze, start eating more healthy and I really want to nail the continual grazing I do at home after work ... it is like I am trying to fill a void with food which just starts a cycle of over-eating-feeling miserable-overeating.

Weighed myself today and I am 196lbs, I am 5' 6" and have to squeeze myself into a 16 with rolls of fat a-go-go spilling over my waistband; it aint pretty!!

I am a member of a gym so will go there more than just to take advantage of the steam room; really fancy trying some of the classes although I feel very nervous about it.

I think this forum is fab, have spent a lot of today surfing around the threads and it is nice to know that I am not alone.

I hit the big 4.0. at the end of this year - yikes, I want to be in a better shape physically and mentally then; have set an interim goal for 168lbs for 1st May - that gives me lee-way for 2lbs a week loss.

Let's do it!

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welcome to the forum - I love the classes at my gym really keep me going I need the motivation lol just go for it no-one takes any notice of size shape - I'm bigger than u and don't feel awkward at all although I must admit my first class was very nerve racking so I dragged my 16 yr old daughter along lol (sh'e slao a member)


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Hi Michelle, thanks for popping in and saying hello! What classes do you take at the gym? There seems to be quite a few and I dont know where to start although I can imagine them being fun! I must stop being a wuss and just get myself in there!!


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S: 16st1lb C: 16st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just dumping down today's food and exercise while my diary thread is being cleared with the moderators!

I was really feeling bleurgh about myself when I woke up but knowing that I had to do something ... I made a sandwich out of the last of the bread I had, 2 slices of oat bread and put in 3 thick slices of cheese and bbq sauce, zapped it in the microwave until the cheese began to melt then scoffed it down ... it is not rocket science why I am overweight when I eat crud like that.

I then went to the gym and had a quick swim, sesh in the spa pool and then a long steam. Stepped on the scales and had 196lbs flash at me, not surprising with the way I have been eating and drinking recently and without any exercise.

Came home via Tesco and bought in some decent stuff to eat.

Dinner was mashed sweet potato with grilled turkey breast and salad, made double portions so I could take the leftovers into work tomorrow for lunch. I then also had an apple and a bowl of bran flakes (large and I really had to exert some control not to have another bowl even though I wasnt hungry, just cos they were there).

Must work on that line of thinking.