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  1. toastlover

    toastlover New Member

    Hey peeps!

    Well, there have been many lines in the sand with regard to my weight that I always said I wouldn't cross. Suffice to say, I crossed them all.

    Been feeling really bloaty and horrible all last week, so decided enough is enough. Gonna weigh myself every Monday morning. Stood on the scales of doom yesterday. Good job no one here knows me, so I can say this without bursting into flames with embarrassment. 20 st 1lb.

    Always been a big girl, but theres big and theres BIIIGGGG!!

    So, today (or yesterday) is a new start. Going to do the Simming World red and green thingy as its worked before. Thats the thing with me and diets. I do really well lose three or four stone, get complacent and think "yeah, one curry won't hurt" and I slip back into old way.

    I suppose I'm on here just to get support really. Hubby is massively overweight too, so I need to do it for myself but spur him along too. The only down side is he hates fruit and veg - a downside when eating healthily don't you think?

    Anyhoo, would be grateful to meet some new chums and talk (some of the time) about diet and exercise.


    TL x
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  3. mommyB

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    Hello and welcome. you will find lots of advice and support on here-you've probably seen that there's a sw section too.

    where in north yorks are you. its a beautiful part of the world-we are staying in Staithes inn a few weeks time, lovely
  4. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    Hiya and welcome,im from yorkshire too :)
    Good luck with your weightloss journey :)
  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Good luck with SW

    Irene xx
  6. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member


    Good luck

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