Hello from the Pit of Despair !

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  1. farmgirl

    farmgirl Full Member

    Hi folks,
    I live in N Shropshire with my OH and our horses, piggies, alpacas, hens, giant rabbits, bees cats and dogs.
    Both of us have struggled all our lives with our weight, have managed to get slim, fit and healthy, and have now just let ourselves go completely. We feel ill, tired and depressed to the point where I am starting to really worry about OH's future if we don't change.
    I have been reading posts on here for days now and you have impressed me with your kindness, helpfulness, advice and support, to the point where I feel I can get going again.
    If I can (with your help) be seen by my (rather lovely) OH to be losing weight, feeling more positive and improving my health I know he will be inspired to join in and try again himself.
    I am on day 4 of cal counting and healthy eating, and will introduce running as and when my work allows, and am starting to feel ever so slightly more positive.
    Any words of support/advice/kick up the bum most welcome.
    Sorry this is so long and thanks for reading xx
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  3. kazzymc

    kazzymc Gold Member

    hiya, dont feel to bad about putting the weight back on thats in the past this is the fist day of the rest of your life,, and im sure with the support from the wonderful people on here you will feel buoyed up and raring to go, good luck with the calorie counting and eating healthy im sure you will do great at it you sound like a determined lady. and feel free to make your posts aslong as you like there will always be someone to read them keep smiling xxxx
  4. Mrs Z

    Mrs Z Gold Member


    I spent ages reading this forum before posting and have found it to be the best one for support and useful advice. Only been on a couple of days but have found myself sneaking back on to read more instead of doing my work.

    Good luck with the weight loss.

  5. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Good luck with the calorie counting

    Irene xx
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    hello and welcome to minimins, good luck and I wish you both well.
  7. alibalibee

    alibalibee gym bunny

    Hi and welcome to minis :) Good luck on your weight loss journey :)

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