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Hello i am a newbie! who is going to try Calorie control!!


Loves Slimming world!!
Hello!! Thought I would introduce myself. I a new to the site after looking for some thinspriations photos online I happened to stumble upon this forum. I thought if it is working for lots of people on here then it may just work for me too!! It seems like a gd place to find people who are feeling the same as me. I am just recently married (5 weeks) and even though I never felt the need to lose weight for my wedding like most people I know have. My wake up call came when i came home from our 2 week hoonymoon in Vegas to discover i had gained 8 pounds and was now the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I find myself lying to my husband about my weight and this isnt how I want to start off married life. So i am now hoping to start on the right track.
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Welcome on board bubblensqueak...

I think you'll find the cc's a friendly bunch :D You might like to sign up to My Fitness Pal.. A lot of us use it to keep track of what we're eating and exercise..

Good luck on your journey :)
You're so gonna smash this!
I started my journey at 251lbs and am only ickle....eighteen stone at a fart over five foot? How did I get there? I've just dipped into the 12 stones - something I wouldn't have believed possible prior to discovering calorie counting and My Fitness Pal :)))))
Look forward to getting to know you :)
Welcome :D Calorie counting is the only 'diet' I'd really consider, it really suits me and I hope it will suit you too. Are you going to keep a diary on here? Good luck with everything :)
Hi, I really hope you find ccing as great as alot of us on here do.
It really is the best weight loss plan I have ever done.
I agree with the others, you should definitley sign up to Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal | MyFitnessPal.com It's completley free and makes everything so much easier.
Maybe try keeping a diary in the calorie counting diaries section too. It really helps to write things down and you really get some AMAZING help and support.

Good luck my love xx :)
first of all...congratulations on your marriage!

i hope you enjoyed your honeymoon...me and the hubby have been to vegas loads of times and we absolutely love it there...i am so jealous of you for going there!...we havent been for a couple of years now...

so much nice but unhealthy food and drink to choose from though, thats the only problem with vegas!

at least you have decided to do something about this situation.....i think you will do really well!

i have dieted for so many years and i have ended up losing several stone and then regaining it over and over again...so speaking from experience my top tips would be.....

1. try not to look at this as a quick fix diet...try to look at it as a total change of life to healthy eating with the odd treat now and then....that way, if you have something that you shouldnt, you dont give up and get angry with yourself, you just class it as a treat and then get right back on track with the healthy eating!

2. if you are calorie counting, weigh as much of your food as you can, you would be surprised at how many extra calories you can eat without realising just by guestimated your portions.

3. give yourself treats along the way...maybe a new lip gloss for every stone you lose...or get your hair done or anything that will make you feel better about yourself. it all helps to keep you motivated!

4. do some excercise...it will help you to tone up as the weight comes off and it means you can eat a bit more, and this will allow you to have the odd treat, which i think is important to keep going.

5. dont weigh every day! you will get too obsessive over it and your weigh can differ by several pounds from one day to the next just through water retension, hormones, regularity of bowel movements etc...so its best to let things even out over the space of at least a week, and weigh in the morning!

hope all this helps!

keep us updated with how you get on xxx
Just wanted to say welcome I've not be cc'ing long but it's so much easier than following all the rules of other diets I was SW before and it was a constant adding of syns and working out red or green days and healthy extras, as long as you weigh and count everything it's foolproof. Couldn't do it without my fitness pal though x

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