Hello, I am new, I'm on my 3rd week.


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I started on the 16/1/07 and I was 13 stone.
On my 2nd week I had lost 6 lbs and on my 3rd week I lost 4 lbs.
I am well on my way to my target!
I just want to say hello from Leicester :rolleyes:
Hi Lou-Lou and welcome:D
Hello Lou Lou good weight loss so far
hi lou lou,
youre doing great so far! keep up the good work and youll be slim in no time!!
keelie xx
Thanks for the support.

I haven't been craving as much this week. I think my body has been punished enough and isn't going to ask for junk again! Hurray!!
Yep ive tried many diets before, but I feel happy on the CD and I only had cravings in the 1st week.

I still would love some baked beans!
Hi Lou Lou

Well done on such great weight loss over 3 weekes hoping for good results for my self just re started.

I am in leicester to how is your cdc?

hope you have great weight loss next week.
island girl - my CDC is Pam. She is really suportive!

Thanks Chris, I hope you do well!

Lou x
Well done Lou Lou!!!

Very good weight loss!

It is so much easier when the cravings go.:)

Love Mini xxx
I do feel I dont have as many cravings as I did when I first started.

But i'm not going to give in.
Tonight I made my self a banana and choc muffic with some hot choc sauce! Yummy!!!
Hi Lou Lou :)

Welcome from me too and well done on your fantastic start.

Banana and Choc muffins are to die for, I know. I'm so pleased for you that your head is in "The Zone" :D

Lacey :)
Thanks for the welcome, Isis, I havent mixed packs before, and I was suprised how good the muffin tasted! Hehe!!

Any other flavors you can recommend?
Hey Lou Lou Mine is Pam aswell she is great, so friendly and caring, she is pushing me a lot this time and great thing is you can call her anytime and she will be there to talk you though.
Ive lost another 6lbs this week, and it was TOTM!