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Hello!!!!! I missed u guys!!

I havnt been on in a while now - so much going on at home, moved house, finished my uni module, have a new job, little one just started nursery, so no time for this im afraid.

I have been off the wagon big style too, although weighed myself this morning and seem to have got off pretty lightly + 5.25lb in a couple of months - I expected it to be a lot worse.

So I went to my new gym for the first time this morning, started atkins again and I am well and truely back in the zone.

Hows everyone else? Have you all turned into skinny minnys while ive been away?

So glad to be back!!!!! :D

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Ps... bugger.. just realised I need to go and add my gain to my tickers... :sigh: lol. xx
LOL, I'#s still a skinni mini Rach, welcome back love.
Thanks Jim.. wheres all the old faces gone? I see woofs still here.. what about sukie.. jules.. jools etc? xx
Sukie has gone back to CD I think, not sure about everyone else though.
Oh no.. so sad to lose sukie.. :wave_cry:

Will just have to jump in and make friends with the newbies instead now then lol. :grouphugg:


Alway see the love x
Wb Rach. Ive not long been back myself and Im amazed I havent put on a lb. Sukie has gone back to LL. The others, I dont know, hun.
Its nice to be back : o )

Woofy X
Welcome back Rach. The others just sort of drifted off :-( You might not recognise me either, I am the former TT.
TT yey!!! Of course I remember you! Hows things chick?

Woof... welcome back to you too then.. oink oink!!

Ps.. hello hellraiser!! xx


Alway see the love x

Its been a while ; o )

How you getting on, Rach?
How was your holiday? Yes, its been a while since we have spoken.

Woofy X


Happy to be slim at last
Hi Rachel, welcome back. I keep coming and going due to being mega busy.

I am still part low carbing in the evening, part packs and part introducing more foods.


Fat busting crime fighter
hello hello hello xx


Happy to be slim at last

Where u been, pet?

Its been tooooooo quiet on here : o (

Woofy X
Oh Woofy, I have been soooo busy. I have become a consultant for exante and I still do my other marketing consultancy and that's got really busy this month. I am not complaining as being self employed can be a bit feast and famine.

I miss being around here and must get on here more often.

Hope you are ok woof? x


Alway see the love x
Im all good, Sarah. Im waiting for my Go Lower box of goodies to come. Still low carbing and doing ok.
Life at home still as mad as ever. Kids! Dog!

WOW you are busy, good for you, pet! You have done so well with exante and you will make a lovely consultant... You should be very proud, hunni x

Woofy X

Woofy X


Happy to be slim at last
Oooh are you give Go Lower a go. The feedback on here about the food seems to be good. I hope you get on well with it.

Glad to hear all is ok with you. x


Alway see the love x
Box comes thursday, cant wait. Will be soooo nice havin some "lazy, fast, yummy food" in the house for those moments when U just havent the time to cook from scratch.

I will let you know how I get on, pet : o )
Nun night all

Woofy X

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