Hello!! I'm back


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Not sure if anyone remembers me! i joined last Feb and lost 2.5stone on SW before my wedding in July in Mexico! i loved SW!!

i conceived on our honeymoon and im now 6 months pregnant! luckily i've only put on 2lbs so far, but i am back here so i can get back into SW so i don't put a lot on and give my baby a nice healthy start (and hopefully not have to spend the latter part of this year trying to lose my baby weight!!)

i hope you're all well! i'm really looking forward to getting back into it! x
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here she is! welcome back loulou xxxx

*Sally Cinnamon*

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Congratulations ...what a fab incentive to eat healthy. Welcome back xx

Devon Dolce

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Welcome back hun and congratulations on the bump xx


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Hey all! thank you! im excited to be back! done ok today (although had a cereal which i thought would be my HeB and realised it wasn't and was 5 syns! doh! rookie mistake!!) and have no idea what to cook tonight so am going to rummage through the receipe thread!

hope you're all doing well xx


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awwwwwwwwww congratulations!
and welcome back!

Helen xxx


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Welcome back! Last time I spoke to you it was just before your wedding!

How wonderful to have conceived on your honeymoon! I am now doing weight watchers and have lost a stone since Jan, but i come back and forth to the SW forum!

Good luck with everything!



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Heeeeey!!! I was wondering where you got to and how the wedding went, welcome back and massive congrats on the bump!!! xxxxx


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Welcome back and big congrats!


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Hi WL!! Of course I remember you!! I'm still here chipping away!! I've only just spotted this!! Welcome back, congratulations on your bumpy wumpy, your wedding, and how amazing that you've gained so very little!!! A true SW legend!!! How easy would it have been (and I'm sure many people have!!) to go on honeymoon, eat everything under the sun, relax and let it all go back on again, especially with getting preggers and all that!! I am very impressed and I'm sure that your baby will thank you for it, and you'll feel so fantastic in yourself too!!X

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I remember you, congratulations on the both the wedding & the baby what a lovely present to bring back from honeymoon. You've done really well not to put much weight on & well done for coming back XXXX