Hello, I'm new and very excited about this!


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Well hello everybody! I'm going to be completey honest for the first time and I really hope I can learn from all of you lovely people =]

Im 20, currently around 145ish and 5'5. I have been 120 and I have been 180 and to be honest, I need help! My goal is 110-120, but over the past 3 years I have continuously struggled with over and under eating. It has gone round and round...hence the high and low weight. Thankfully I can catch myself if i start doing it again, but becaus of this I find it impossible to lose weight! I eiher eat everything or nothing...and my head is very hard on me!

I guess im just here to give and recieve support, and try and end this battle. I look forward to getting to know you all.

floss x
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Welcome.. I think im kind of like u towards food.. I eaither eat everything or cut out everything and it just never ends (btw i was bulimic)
Now im doing my best to stick to eating an amount of food that will be continuously satisfying without over eating.. Its hard but worth it...
Wish u the best of luck!