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    Hello everyone, my name is Anella, 26yrs old from Anglesey, N.Wales :)

    I haven't yet edited my signature & picture on here so give me time & hopefully it will be done! So, I am currently (well, last time I weighed myself about a week ago) around 12st 8lbs. I'm 5ft 7in & in the past I have always been between 10 & 10 & a half stone. However meeting my current partner & no I'm not blaming him.. but we got a little cosy *cough* & lazy *cough* & before you know it, we both put weight on. I've put on over 2st & my partner has about 4st to lose *gulp*

    In the past I HAVE been on the Dukan diet which worked brilliantly I did lose a lot of weight, but (I'll be honest here) - I was cheating a little & not adding enough veg & TOO much protein. It ended up playing havoc on my body & I was told by the GP to not do anything as extreme again. Yup, I was pretty much just eating boiled eggs, chicken, prawns & crabsticks all day. With sweetened tea of course. Not good!

    I've seen Slim Fast around lately, everywhere I go.. & so I decided to visit Amazon & read some reviews (which were all positive)! I went online onto Boots the other day where the tins were half price & ended up buying £20's worth (6 large tins of banana, chocolate & strawberry)! They have arrived today, I'm hoping to start tomorrow. I'm not planning to follow it EXACTLY as it says (as in buying other Slim Fast branded products - snacks). I'm planning to have a shake in the morning then either a shake for lunch & the 600cal dinner or the other way round, a healthy lunch & a shake for dinner.

    Firstly, does everyone think this would be ok? - By healthy lunch I mean something like Cuppa soups, a ham sandwich or tuna pasta/baked potato etc. As for dinner I'll be eating fish/chicken and veggies! I'm not going extreme anymore! I have a gym *not as glamorous as it sounds as it's in the garage outside in the freeeeing cold!!!* but there is a treadmill, exercise bike, weights & rowing machine.. so I will be exercising as well. Plus we have two chihuahuas that need walking every day, so that's my exercise for when I'm not feeling like the gym!

    I have a Nintendo Wii (Wii Fit) which I use to weigh myself.. so I'll do that tomorrow morning & report back here with my weight & hopefully update my signature with all my goals etc. I have joined forums in the past like Dukan Diet ones but unfortunately no-one really replied & I didn't get any motivation from it. I honestly hope that this forum is different, I would love to make some new dieting buddies! :)

    Going to nosey around some other posts now, thanks for reading! - If you want to see what I look like for now, visit my blog & click on the 'About Me' page!
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  3. X Kelly X

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    Hi ya. I've just seen your thread so thought I'd welcome you to slim fast. There are a few of us here not as many as other diets but we are here. How have you found doing slim fast so far? X
  4. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Hello :)

    Thanks for the reply! I wasn't sure if this had been posted or not! Well there's been some bad news since my post. I went on the slim fast diet for a week. YES I did it properly, as in shake for brekkie & dinner - healthy 100cal snacking & veggies and fish for dinner. If anything I put on a 1lb!! However.. I've recently been to the Doctor & I have been for blood tests today. He suspects I have an underactive thyroid. I have ALL symptoms, being cold, depressed, dry hair, nails, shaky, no energy and yup - putting on weight & not being able to lose it! :( :(

    I'm gutted. We are waiting for the results, but it looks very likely I have this. I will hopefully get some help towards that & only then will I continue with the slim fast & I'll be back here!! :) Just seems a waste of money going through my tubs if I won't lose the weight! Will keep you all updated!! :) x
  5. X Kelly X

    X Kelly X Silver Member

    Aww sorry to hear of that hun. I have pcos so find it hard to lose weight too!
    Pop back over to us when your all sorted hun. I'm always here! (Only started 10 days ago tho lol) xx

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