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Hello, joining RC tomorrow night!!!


I posted on the introductions board earlier today saying I was unsure which diet plan to follow. I couldn't decide between weight watchers, slim fast, calorie counting or cambridge. I have been nosing into all the seperate forum areas this evening and really fancy trying rosemary conley. I have checked the rc website and there is a class near me tomorrow night! I am really excited, I have never done rc before so hopefully a change of plan will give me that 'new diet' enthusiasm!!

I have done every diet I think and just can't bear to join slimming world again :eek: I am hoping rc will be the one for me, although i'm a bit scared about the exercise class!

Anyone got any tips, or advice about what I should expect?

Can't wait to get to know you all better,

Hel x
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I don't actual attend the classes, but I believe everyone seems to do really well at classes, especially with the support.

I'm sure that someone will be able to give you their option.

Best of luck with RC diet, I think it's a great diet, expecially the excercises, which to me, are really helping to change the shape of my body.

Please do keep posting, as it's very quite on here, and it would be great to get the board moving.

Enjoy your first class.

Louale x
Thanks Louale

I will keep posting, I work from home so am sat at the pc practically all day!!

I'll let you know how the class goes :)
Hi Hel,

I've just noticed that we have about the same weight to lose, would be great if we both got to goal around the same time.

I'm on materntiy leave at the moment, but due to go back to work on 1 Dec and will work 2 days a week from home, so likely to continue to post each day.

Do let me know how you get on in your class, wish there was one close to me.

Louale x
I went to the class yesterday for the first time, I loved it, I also was excited about the freebie like a little child lol. Loved the idea of measure cups, I so hate weighing! The consultant was friendly, people were so nice, and the exercise was fun, let us know how you find it Hel
hello i am new, and i am joining a rc class tomorrow too, feeling quite excited, as i have just quit lighter life.
Best of luck Clarins, Rc is good diet, I have done it before and got result, I restarted it about a week ago but decided to do CD instead for now but will love to do RC as life style diet. So can I ask why you left LL?
Hi Hel

I used to go to the RC classes and loved them despite being v unfit!! It's good value for money as well because you get both the diet and the exercise :)

Having said that I'm just following the diet at home at the moment (Credit crunch and all that!) and exercising on my Wii Fit. Good luck!

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