Hello ..may be joining you soon.


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Hi everyone.

hope you wont mind me joining soon, I have been doing the Cambridge diet but am nearly at target...so have been giving thought to the future and how best to 'maintain'.

I know WW pretty well, and I think for me WW may be the way to go.

I did it years ago, and did points, so fairly familiar with it. :) :)

Just wanted to say 'hi' to you all, and wish you all well on WW, and look forward to meeting you and sharing your journeys in the near future.

Congrats on your CD weight loss. I couldnt do that programme, tho I love the results.

Welcome back to WW. Look forward to seeing you join us :)
Morning everyone.

Thanks for the nice warm welcome to WW forum. :)

I look forward to joining you all when I have finished working through the steps of the CD plan.. and then will be working on maintaining to keep those pounds off. :D

CD has been great for getting me to where I am now, but know the real hard work now is going to be keeping it off. :eek:

I do know WW points system quite well, so for me I think WW is going to be perfect. Am already working out in my head the points I am having daily on the CD plan... :D

Be nice to start sharing tips and receipes etc. :)
Hiya Deb, I am joining you from CD to WW and really looking forward to it - hey, just think of all those delicious veggies and fruit mmmmmmmmm I'm salivating just thinking about it!!