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Hello my first post

Hi everyone,:D
I have approximately 5 stone/31kg to lose. I have put on this weight over the last 7 years, lost a bit put a bit more back on etc (I'm sure you all know how it goes !)
Anyway I can't stand being fat any more!
So here I am, I am doing slim fast, I have done SW in the past but I find being able to eat huge amounts doesn't retrain my eating habits.
When I splurge I can still eat huge amounts and that's not beneficial in the long run.
I NEED to be able to eat less but not have to deny myself things I like (occasionally). Does that make sense?
When I was slim I ate whatever I wanted BUT I ate much smaller amounts than I do now.
So my goal is to get back to eating less high fat/cal food and eating much smaller portions.
Today is day one, wish me luck ;)
Lookign forward to getting to know you all :D

ps.I have lost 9kg in the last 4 months hence my ticker but I was off the wagon again LOL
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Well I have had a banana shake for brekky, I have clementines for my mid morning snack, shake for lunch, banana for afternoon snack and a salad with the meat from one chicken drumstick, a small bread roll for dinner! LOTS of water.... well 2 L :)
I know the first week is always the hardest so I will do things to keep busy if I am tempted to raid the fridge!!
Oh I meant to say FANTASTIC weight loss for your first week, you must feel really good and motivated to keep going! :D

This is my 1st post, i joined today, and not really sure what to do!

i am on Sole source Cambridge diet, and am on my 8th day, weigh in tonight!
Hi Flubber and izzy, welcome to the minimins board.
Hi I couldnt have managed on what you have eaten I would have killed my husband for some biscuits ,3 days of dieting today and I have just had half a packet of rich tea ahhh
Hi everyone,
well, i had my weigh in on Wednesday, and i lost 12.6lbs!!!!
my CDC has some really cool scales, and i lost 6.4lbs of fat and the rest was water.

i have been away for the past 2 days, staying with friends and went out clubbing, i tell you, i cannot believe i managed to stick to water and 3 shakes everyday!

this is really hard, and i am pretty certain that i am not going to stick to SS for the whole 12 weeks, but i am just taking each day as it comes.

something i read has stuck in my mind, and has really helped me, so thought it would be nice to share.

if i am wobbling i ask myself... 'is my desire to eat greater than my desire to be a size 14?' and at the moment the answer is no, so i dont!

anyone got any tips on beating a horribly scratchy sore throat without sucking on a sweet??

thanks x
Can you find any diet sweets, or a cough lozenge?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
well done on your losses! :D

gotta say those CDC scales sound cool!! :D

Hope your throat is better soon - it's normal when starting a VLCD and will go ;)

I did slimfast for a week before I could see my CDC :) was amazed at how much it had changed (for the better) hadn't done it for year.. like about 12 :p And I lost 6lb in a week so was chuffed! :D

Look forward to seeing you around the board :)

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