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Hello....new here...

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well on your weight loss journey.

I have ordered my first pack of Exante today so hoping to start in a couple of days time.

One of the difficulties I face is that the range of foods I eat is very limited and includes mostly unhealthy foods so my nutrition is pretty poor. I am also a very emotional eater and snack sooooooo much :(. I am going to try to stick to about 1000-1200 calories a day using mostly Exante products in the hope that 1) I will lose weight and 2) my nutrition is balanced and in turn I feel healthier and more energetic which will hopefully lead to me doing some exercise :).

I wondered if anyone else has done something similar and has any advice they could offer please ?

Thanks so much.

Lou x
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exante is a very low cal diet. when you get into ketosis you wont feel hungry and shouldnt need to snack all the time. exante teaches us a new way of eating.
good luck :)
Yeah like F&F said it teaches us a new way of eating. I like to think that it breaks all your bad eating habits and when you refeed it allows you to build healthier ones!
Louise how much weight do you have to lose? It may be easier and quicker to use the exante products as a vlcd so that you get into ketosis rather than trying to stick to 1200 calories a day.
Louise how much weight do you have to lose? It may be easier and quicker to use the exante products as a vlcd so that you get into ketosis rather than trying to stick to 1200 calories a day.

Thanks for your replys.

Rose I need to lose about 5 stone, I did try the Cambridge diet and barely lasted 2 days :sigh: I am hoping I can do better this time. Alot of what I eat is carb heavy (bread, potatoes, pizza, crisps, cereals) so am dreading how my body will feel if I only have 3 replacement meals a day and how do you manage to get through the time it takes to get to ketosis when u must feel so very hungry?

Lou x
I have to admit I found it very easy to get into ketosis-it only took me 2 days. It's a pity you gave up with CD after 2 days...the first 3 days are the worst then it gets easier. I just drank a lot of water and black coffee the first few days.And kept telling myself that this was my choice, not something I was being forced to do.Plus once you start seeing the scales go down it's a huge incentive to carry on.
Just post on here a lot and take it a day at a time, even an hour at a time if you must. Find a hobby...preferably not food related but funnily enough I have now discovered I am a really good cook and can even bake cakes without even trying them. I used to hate cooking LOL
Hi Louise

I think a lot of us come under the "emotional eaters" heading! I have had to go cold turkey and use Exante as a vlcd, purely because I cannot be trusted around food yet. :eek:

I agree with Polishrose too - you need to grit your teeth for the first two or three days, but hopefully you will be inspired by your first week's weight loss.

Good luck, however you decide to tackle it. :)
Hi Rose

Yesterday wasn't to bad, I wasn't 100% but then didn't honestly expect myself to be so not overly disappointed about that, I had about 1000 calories and about 120g carbs which isn't fantastic in terms of getting in to ketosis but its still alot less than I would normally eat so thats good.

I have had a stinking headache since yesterday afternoon so just trying to get lots of water in me and have taken some paracetamol aswell.

I am hoping the flavours get better because the strawberry shake and the tomato and basil soup were a bit gross and unfortunately they are probably the only two flavours I would normally like because I am such a fussy eater so dreading tasting the rest of the flavours lol.

On the up side, the orange and choc bar was a bit more palatable and even though I know I shouldn't weigh myself daily I have weighed today and I am 3lb down so thats what is keeping me motivated at the moment because I soooooooooooooooooo want to eat some toast lol.

How are you doing?

Lou x

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