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Hello, new here!

:) Hello everyone, i'm new

I did slimming world a long time ago, and lost a a lot of weight. It has changed quite alot since then! I remember the green and the red days and not loosing much on too many green days.

I can't get to any classes so my friend has kindly given me her books. I am finding the new Extra Easy days hard to understand, can you really eat as much of both green and red days? How do we loose weight by eating as much of both...i am going to be careful and not have too many extra easy days i think.

I appreciate any tips from you all. Hope its okay for me to ask this, and any other questions i have? :)
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Think of it, like splitting your plate into 3. One portion is carbs, one portion is meat, and one is your superfree veg, which is listed in your book. You should always factor your 1/3 superfree into each meal, but yes you can have meat and carbs, as long as you follow this principle and lose weight.

If you do a spag bol or chilli con carne obviously your plate is different. but as long as you 1/3 ration of superfree is included, you will be fine. I clarified this with SW. So I always add my 1/3 ration of superfree into my sauces.

Many people find it hard to get their head round at first but once it clicks there is no reason why you will not lose weight as long as you follow the 1/3 rules
I started last week on slimming world too and having done the original and green last time Icant get hang of extra easy either. Lost 1.5lbs in first week but my consultant said swap and do different days as your body gets used to one way of eating. Am going to just copy ready made recipes for extra easy I think. Good luck
well done on your loss tiggs, and thanks...

i think i will mix it up, i know my body will not loosed weight on too many carbs....im just happy not to weigh and measure stuff i hate doing that x
Better week this week. Lost 2llbs and had lots of green days. Like you I don't want to consume carbs after having done atkins and Cambridge but I did this week and was really pleased with the loss. Need to reeducate my body on how to eat sensibly. Extra easy is easy once you get head round it. It's just alien to me!!!
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Thats a good weightloss. I'm new to slimming world too after doing weightwatchers for a while, and like you, it seems a bit weird being able to eat loads of carbs. I have been following the extra easy and I was sure I was not going to lose weight, but I lost 7lbs first week, and i'm sure I have eaten more than I would have not being on a diet. Good luck with your weight loss, and hope you get your head round it. x


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I've done EE since I started last July and have just 0.5lb to go to get to target. Has been slow to go just 0.5 - 1.5lb per week but I think more likely to stay off.

S: 18st7lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 33.4 Loss: 2st11lb(15.06%)
I am back to s/w too after a long break. When I started in sept I avoided EE as do not like to eat carbs (due to years of avoiding them on high protien diets) and found before like u green days didn't agree with me and I had actually put on weight when following them. However just before xmas I decided to try EE and to be honest I have not really gone back to red and green as it is so easy and don't have to worry about extra carbs for hubby and kids. I have even had best weight loss on it (6 lbs in 2 weeks). I would definately advise trying it, don't know quite how it works, but it does!!

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