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Hi All,

Well I'm so glad I found this place it is so full of positivity. I've always had weight problems and have flucuated but recently over 2 years I ballooned to a size 20 most of it was comfort eating from depression. I started W/W's in June 08 but lost my job and my motivation went with it, was a size 18 but went up again. I know I'm over weight but this is the first time I've been happy in years.

And I know I will succeed this time as my mind is in the right place, I'm just glad I found you guys ....... went to another website but it was so hard to navigate and it really wasn't my thing. All I know is that I have this year to look forward to and I've seen the before and after pics which give me the drive to to do something about my weight, now I don't have to do it on my own. :D
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:welcome: to minimins! :hug99:


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Welcome hunny to the forum. Glad to see something dragged ya to the website so it must be fate!! Ya seem very determined and I wish ya every success with it!!


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hello.....good luck. im sure you'll do great!!!!


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Thank you for the warm welcome. 30 - 40 weeks will be a long way to achieving goal but I'm glad I found this site so that I can persevere, I know I'll be needing some support when the chips are down. :D


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Hi Jada and welcome, this site is so friendly, theres always someone to answer questions and give advice, what diet are you doing? Good luck Julie x


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Hi Jada, welcome to minimins.