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Hello, new to this section.


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Hi congratulations!

I was around half a stone lighter than u when i fell pregnant. I did try sw but couldnt get in to it. I just tried at times to watch wot i was eating. I put on around 1.5st. But 4 weeks after havin her im over a stone lighter than i was when i fell preg :)

Just do wot ur body allows u to. If u feel like u can stick to sw go for it


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howdy howdy. welcome to the preggers section :)

i keep meaning to do sw and fail miserably at it. i was 16st at 12 weeks pregnant. haven't dared weigh myself since and still daren't :S

abz xx


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Hiya Irene hope your okay honey! x

Ive got to do something cos i look a total state, got this horrible flabby stomach and really now im pregnant want to do something about it more the ever. I want to try and strengthen the muscles up a bit for when i give birth.


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Hi sweet

welcome and huge congratulations!!



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I'm already doing SW and I find it great... although I do extra easy as apposed to red and green so it's not as restrictive.
You might want to ask your mid wife about tummy exercises because although it's good to be fit for the birth something happens to your tummy muscles when your pregnant.. I think they seperate to the side or something crazy. I'm sure I've read you're not meant to do tummy exercises after 1st trimester and you need to be carefull lying on your back because of oxygen supply or something.
This might all be absolute rubbish though! Mid wife knows best I guess!
What I can't seem to find anywhere on the internet though is whether it's actually safe to loose weight with SW while pregnant? Because I'm loosing weight at the min and have just found out I'm pregnant so surely I will continue to loose weight for the first trimester but I thought it wasnt good for the baby to loose weight? Or is it ok if you're overweight and following a healhty diet?


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Jooloo slot of women on here are following SW while being pregnant and it's fine - think u have to let them know obviously - and you have to have extra milk and stuff just to stopp u beco
ing malnourished!!

Well done on your weight loss though and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Hi everyone, i'm in the last few weeks of pregnancy and will be following weightwatchers once i've had my son or daughter. For the five years before i got pregnant i lost and kept off 3 1/2 stone but not being able to exercise or diet has taken it toll whilst pregnant so i'm going to have to do it again whilst learning to be a mum.