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Hello (newbie!) and food pack question!

evening all,

Been browsing the site for the last few weeks and wanted to say thanks for all the posts you do as it's all been so useful and helped me decide that LL is for me! I started this morning after my meeting last night and am struggling already with the taste of the packs... I don't feel particularly hungry so that's not an issue but I know I need to eat them all. Had porridge for bf (actually couldn't eat it, think i got the consistency all wrong as it was just water with lumps in?!), veg soup for lunch, thai chilli soup for dinner and just had choc shake. Both of the soups and porridge have the same underlying powdery taste which I don't like and so I'm wondering if I'm going wrong or if they are all like that and I'm just going to have to get use to it or if there is something I can do?!

On a positive note I enjoyed the choc shake! love and hugs x x x x x
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Welcome to LL and MM's!

I found the soups horrid and haven't had them since week 1. With the porridge I find it's better to add the water bit by bit, that way you can stop when you get the consistency you want.

I too love the choc shake, in fact it's basically all I like and so have 3 of them every day along with a bar!

I think a lot of people confuse the "powdery" taste with the aftertaste of the soya in the packs. They do have a strange aftertaste, but you quickly get used to it and don't notice after a week or so.

Your tastes will change as you go along LL as well, packs you like now might well become unpleasant to you later down the line, and ones you hate now might have new appeal in a few weeks or months.

Anyway, enjoy your journey and keep posting on here, it's great for inspiration and distractions!
Hi Hayley and welcome,

I have been on LL for 3 weeks now, so not much longer than you. I'm sorry you are finding the packs not too good.:eek:

Are you mixing the soups in a blender or just whisking? I love the veg soup, and have just discovered the Thai soup and quite like that too, but I tend to fill my blender with 8 or 900ml of water and really mix the soups well.
It gives me 2 huge cups full and a) fills me up, and b) helps warm me up, as this diet can make you a bit cold at times!

With the shakes, I fill a pint glass with water, then empty that into my blender with the pack contents and put it on the 'smooth' setting....it tastes fine. :)

The porridge can be a bit of a challenge in my opinion! I have had good and bad efforts! :p My best effort was putting the porridge in a dish and slowly adding hot water and mixing with a fork ( not too much water!)...then I put it on high in the microwave for a minute or so, then leave it to set for a few mins.

Have you tried putting tabasco sauce in your soups? Maybe that will help the taste?

I hope you find something you like as it's a difficult diet for some even when they enjoy the packs....best of luck. xx :)
If you use a blender on the soups, that should get rid of the powdery taste, and trying adding a bit of Tabasco that may help you. Also try adding a teaspoon of coffee to the vanilla pack or the chocolate to give you some variation. Good luck on the diet, before you know it you will love them all.
Funny how we all have a special way of doing the porride....lol :) When I was having it, I found the best way, that I liked best, was to mix it with 140 mil boiled water from the kettle....stir and smoosh with a fork, and kind of whisk it....then zap for 30 seconds in the microwave. It was lovely and creamy, and the lumps were all spread about, just like regualre porridge.

Hand blended I feel is a must for shakes and soups.

I prefered the shakes made with 400 mill water and some ice, or hot with coffee.

You have my sympathy - the first week I tried one of everything...loathed all the soups, didn't like Vanilla, wasn't keen on Chocolate (a bit "bitty"), Strawberry was OK and loved Banana and thought the Porridge tasted grey!!

So, I have stuck with pretty much 3 banana shakes a day and a bar with the occasional Strawberry. Then a few weeks ago I tried the Porridge again as I was missing something hot. IMO it doesn't taste a huge amount like porridge but if you put a bit of sweetner in it and when you haven't tasted anything else for 23 weeks I have discovered I like it!

People say your tastes change and they do - stick with it and you'll get into a routine
Thanks all! I tried vanilla and coffee shake this morning and really enjoyed it - is funny as I thought I would like all the soups and none of the shakes (never been in to normal shakes!) but hey ho, is completely the other way round so far!

I use the blender when I'm at home but haven't tried it with the soups yet so will give that a bash tonight. It's just at work as i don't have the facilities to bring another blender here, or even use a hand blender. Maybe when I can have the bars that's what i'll stick to in the day.

Am liberally using tabasco as I'm finding that's the only way i can get rid of the aftertaste but maybe i will get use to it. I think you're right about it being the soya aftertaste - sure my tastebuds will adapt!

Thanks for all the replies, still feeling positive and committed so that's something! Feel a bit bleurgh today though - very hangoverish and headachy! love and hugs x x x
Hiya I am a bit like you, I can't stand the soups, the smell, the taste, the texture and the aftertaste. But I do enjoy the banana (my favourite), the strawberry is not too bad but a bit sweet and the chocolate doesn't seem to blend as well?? but is still ok. I loved the porridge but seem to have gone off it the last two days, i added a candarel to 150 ml of water and stirred well with a fork then put in microwave for 1 minute and then leave it to stand a minute or so and it thickens up.

Good luck and keep posting. x x x
I also find with the soups is you mix it with a blender with about 50ml of cold water 1st then add the hot water, that helps with the powdery taste! Good Luck xx
the key to the porridge is to mix it with COLD water bit by bit, then put in the microwave for a minute. This way you don't get any lumps at all. I also add a pinch of cinnamon (which is allowed) which makes it even more tasty!!

You'll get the hang of mixing things soon I'm sure. The only one I've found that doesn't need a blender is banana! xx
Make sure you use sweetners with the shakes and porridge, makes a huge difference, don't forget, only tablet sweetners though.. :)
the key to the porridge is to mix it with COLD water bit by bit, then put in the microwave for a minute. This way you don't get any lumps at all. I also add a pinch of cinnamon (which is allowed) which makes it even more tasty!!

You'll get the hang of mixing things soon I'm sure. The only one I've found that doesn't need a blender is banana! xx
Really, is cinnamon ok?? I never knew that and I love it....is it ok in spice form then? And how much?
yes it's fine. LL are even developing a cinnamon and apple porridge! I put a pinch of powdered stuff from my spice rack into the powder before I put the water in. Add as much as you like really to your taste
Going to try cinnamon porridge for dinner so will let you know how I get on! Thanks v much

x x

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