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Hello Newbie Here!

Well I'm on day 4 today and all is going well, think I may have to swap my soups to shakes tho as really not enjoying the soups!! Just wanted to introduce myself really, have been lurking for a while and you have all been such a huge inspiration to me! Following on from having my son 6 months ago I am 3 stone heavier than before so want to get it shifted! I've set my target at 50lbs to go, fingers crossed! Have had to get OH to hide the scales as I kept jumping on them, and as of yesterday hadn't lost a pound :( but trying not to focus on that. Had a bad day today and was feeling really down, OH was cooking a yummy curry, I took myself into the other room and gave myself a good talking to, How disapointed will I be tomorrow if I give in tonight?? I made myself a shake and snuggled up, and managed to stick to CD!! Yay!

Here's to day 5, lovely ladies!

Ceri B
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Welcome Ceri,

Well done on getting through the first few days. And for dealing with the curry issue! No mean feat! lol

It takes a few weeks to find your favourite flavours and everyone seems to have very personal tastes. I don't really like any of the shakes, but I know others who love them. I love the porridge but know people who hate it!

Anyway, good luck with everything. You've got the right attitude, so I'm sure you'll do fab. And make sure you use Minimins for support - it's a great forum and people are very helpful.

Thelma x


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S: 20st8lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 36.3 Loss: 5st0lb(24.31%)
Thanks, Ceri. I've stalled a bit over the last month, but back on track as of today with a new focus and moving to the SS+ plan which I'm hoping will get me back in control.

Yep, baby step goals is definitely the way to go! lol


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Welcome Ceri and Good Luck. The smell of curry is hard to resist.
Ceri, can I ask you something completely unrelated - is Colchester any good for shopping. Is it mainly high street names or are there nice boutiques/ independent shops? I was at a wedding there a couple of months ago but didn't go thru the city centre. Otherwise I spent a couple of hours on a guided tour nearly 10 years ago.

Back to CD, hope all goes very well on your first weigh-in!
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welcome Ceri, welldone on resisting curry, nd welldone on passing your first goal, i starting next week, but here gaining inspiration already. I just printed out some sheets that i can put on my notice board to note down amount of water and how i feeling each day, I think that may help me stay in control. Plus hubby is doing all the cooking for kids so i can stay away from kitchen Bless him.
Hi Blingbabe,
Colchester is a lovely town, and quite good for shopping, you have to go of the beaten track a bit, has all the normal high street stores, has the countrys biggest independent department store william and griffins which is very lovely and upmarket, its mainly pedestrianised other than the high street, I can't think of to many independent clothes stores but lots of art stores, trinklet stores, etc. The great thing is castle park is in the town centre and is a fabulous park and it used to be where I'd go and eat my sandwich for lunch watching the wildlife!

Parisbeach, once your through day 3 seems to get easier, my OH eats in the other room to, but its the smells that are the killer!! I just keep chanting to myself how disapointed will you be tomorrow!

Day 5, here goes!


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Welcome Ceri and well done for choosing CD. You will love the results and hopefully enjoy being part of the "gang" on here! Not long before seeing the results of your first week - well done on resisting the curry, I find that hard too! There's something alluring in the call of the spices - just look in a catalogue and plan your new wardrobe instead!!


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welcome hun, and well done on getting through the first five days! It will be worth it when you get your first weigh in! Keep us posted! x


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Yes its not easy .... them demons coming is it ?
the scales are so right about not being friends with them anymore lol , they can make your change your mind about diets as this happened to me , i got on them a few times and gained almost 2 pounds I thought what ? well that night demons started talking to me , and I gave in , found it hard for few days to sort myself out again , arrrr . Well done !


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
Hi ceri-b

I went to Colchester today. I was the strange woman with the pink rucksack (had picked up new supply of CD in Romford first) that walked around for miles and had a great time. Went to Castle Park, the dept store (very plush) and so many of the little trinkety shops.

Bought a few little pieces of semi-precious gemstone jewellery.

Hope day 5 going ok for you!


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welcome to the board and the diet hun! I hope your first weigh in gives you that motivation to keep going!

I love this diet, and there are so many people that have their photo's on here showing incredible losses for in those dark moments when your doubting yourself and the diet!

I'm glad you liked Colchester, lovely town but a lot of walking to see it all! Day 5 a success, I have had to stay away from shops all week as can't do the temptation, popped to Tesco today to get some bits for lil man, and I'm so glad I'd stayed away, temptation just put in your face! I stayed strong, and again gave myself a good talking to!

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