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Hello! Newbie here!!

Hi everyone. My name is Claire and I am 21-years-old. I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time and am really impressed with the results everyone has achieved. Well done to each of you.

The reason I have joined is to ask for some advice really. I am at breaking point over losing weight. I am 5'1 and weigh (when I was last on the scales approx 4 or 5 weeks ago) 12 stone 10 lbs. I have a cross trainer which I bought at the end of June this year and have been using it regularly for approx 7-8 weeks. I go on it for half an hour Sun-Thurs. I find it extremely difficult though. I calculated my heart rate to be 130 (I don't know if that is correct or not) and do manage to stay above that rate. However, I cannot see weightloss results. People say they can but I cannot see it. I still look the same in my opinion.

Am I doing anything wrong? Should I stay on the cross trainer longer? Should I incorporate any other exercise regime? Pilates/yoga?

I am a very shy person, lack confidence and have started to see a Therapist who has confirmed that I suffer from a mixture of things, such as social phobia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and depression and would therefore find it extremely hard to join a gym to use the equipment or to go swimming in fear of people and how they perceive me, so I do not wish to go to a gym and wonder if there is any way I can lose weight and tone up without having to go down that route? I would like a flat belly and a slimmer bum. I have contemplated liposuction.

At the moment I feel really depressed and suicidal. All I want is to lose weight. Has anyone lost weight by just using the cross trainer? What other exercises would you advise me to do if you lost weight using them? I live at home with my parents and my brother so there isn't much space to do anything, not even exercise DVD's which is annoying.

I know my partner is worried about me and how I am feeling, so I decided to join here and ask for advice.

My diet is as follows:-

Monday-Friday I work (but work by myself with nobody around me so it gets me though the day). I have a cereal bar for breakfast which I eat at about 9am time. For lunch which is around 12pm I have a bowl of fruit - can be anything such as kiwi and oranges to just a banana, then for tea I have a dish of vegetables and some chicken or turkey sausages. I do not drink throughout the day at work to be really honest. I usually have a cup of tea when I get home and maybe 2 glasses of juice.

Friday evenings my partner collects me to go to his house so before we set off for tea I have potato wedges and southern fried chicken.

Saturday’s I don’t usually have breakfast but if I do I have shreddie’s, then lunch can be anything from veggie’s and meat along with a brew, with pasta for tea or a salad, along with a brew.

Sunday’s I don’t usually have breakfast but lunch will be either a Sunday dinner with veggie’s and meat or a tuna pasta bake, then for tea sometimes a yoghurt and a tuna sandwich.

Is there anyway in which I can alter this diet and actually stick to a new healthy one? It seems to be all over the place and I would be grateful for any help/exercise plans.

I have bought a smoothie maker - is that a healthy option?

Gosh I sound like a right whinger!!! :eek: I'm sorry and thank you in advance.

Claire xxx
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Posting here must have been a big deal so firstly well done to you for that. I too am suffering from depression and try not to open my front door let alone leave it, with the help of my therapist in the last 8/9 months I plucked up the courage to join a slimming world group, I would not have the courage to exercise in public though.

I would recommend thinking about joining a local group with support, my Mum came with me in the beginning even though she didn't get weighed in and I have found it to be the most liberating thing I could have done. I saw my psychologist today and he has been amazed by the change in me, although I am far far from being better, I take each day as it comes and with baby steps. Just consider it at first and when you get comfy with the idea of being in a group of people with the same goal, to lose weight and feel better about themselves you will find the support you get is irreplaceable.

Fitness wise i can't answer you I am afraid, I am concentrating on getting down to a size when exercising is more comfortable, I am just trying to increase my everyday activities and be less statuelike.

Cobweb x
welldone and welcome, You honestly have no idea how inspirational each and every member can be, Including you simply by joining =].This site has already helped so many fellow weight sufferers and everyone is successful in they're own way =3, Even me a 16y/o teenager was able to lose 80lbs thanks to everyone here, So welcome and believe me you have already taken your first steps to success
welcome to the site , trust me this place is a great one for everything you need xx

and AZA you look great x
Hey there :)
I am new to the site too and have been struggling with my weight for a few years but trust me you have done the best thing, you have signed up to this and done the hard thing, introducing yourself and being honest- WELL DONE
From now on it will be easier as you will have help, support and advice from everyone on here (I was on here for a while last year and was helped so much- this is why i am back!)

Good luck with your weight loss, take it a day at a time and before you know it you will be feeling alot better! :)

Sammy x

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