Hello newbie here!


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Hi everyone,

This looks like a good place to be. I have been on CD for 10days and wish I had found this site on the first day!

I have lost about 10lbs in 10 days which is good. Found it hard going at the start, and finding the worst is people describing food (e.g. the M&S ads!!!!) but I can still cook for my 6 year old daughter and guests as required!

I am enjoying the new found energy, although about 5pm - 7pm everyday I get a bit grumpy!

I am using the diet sachets alone (ate all my bars at the last attempt on CD last October, but was doing 790cals and found the food made me too hungry!

Well, my goal is my holiday & birthday at the end of March, so fingers crossed for me.

I wish you all luck too, as you are such an inspirational group.


Hi Clair good luck with your weight loss, you have done well so far. This site is excellent for help, advice and a good old natter. welcome to minimins
Hi Clairabellx
This is a great site for inspiration and motivation.
I started CD on 15th Jan, so day 6 now.
Been a bit tough this week but when feeling dodgy, just log on and browse.
Had a mix-a-mousse last night YUM YUM:D
Did LL last year, didn't have this.

Good luck to you;)
Welcome Clair.

We started at the same time, Im on day 11 now. Its amazing the energy Ive got what about you?

Good luck
Hiya Clair,

Well done so far and good luck with the rest of your weight loss :)