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Hello... newbie...ish!


Leahs Lightweights
S: 13st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 2st8lb(19.67%)

I've doen weight watchers in the past and am thinking of re starting, i am currently on the cambridge diet and have been so since the beginning of June.

I've had amazing results and have lost 2 and a half stone and feel amazing!! i need to shift the last stone and have hit a bit of a plateau and feel its time to try something new that i need to focus on rather than being gung ho about it if you know what i mean.

SO my questions are!...

* Have any of you made the switch for cd to ww and how did you find it?

* Has the diet chaged much in the last 2 years?

Thanks in advance for your answers
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I'm afraid I can't help you on the switch over from CD to WW, but I know there are people on here who have done that, so I'm sure one of them will be along shortly.

The diet has changed slightly over the last few years - the points are worked out slightly differently now (when I first went it was just on your height and weight - now your lifestyle factors in it too, which is good. There's a sticky at the top of the page about how to work out your points, might be worth a look ;)).

They also have 2 diets now, points and core. Points it the same as always, works in exactly the same way as it always has (or at least as long as I've been using it....which is longer than I care to admit, haha) and core is a diet based of healthy eating and 3 meals a day, where you don't need to count points or weigh food - it's just 3 healthy meals a day made up from a list of 'core foods'. You need to be happy to cook meals from fresh on core though - no packet mixes and sauces out of the jar on that one (so no good for me - I'm a lazy cook, lol).

WW is a great diet, so if you do decide to give it a go then good luck with it - and well done on your loss so far!! Brilliant!!



Leahs Lightweights
S: 13st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 2st8lb(19.67%)
Hi All

Thaks for the welcome!!

Will be finding a group next week to join and see how it goes!

I just joined WW from CD.

A few pointers - don't overdo it on the carbs at first cause you can gain weight.
And definitely don't overdo it on the sweets and chocolate, I was on CD the same amount of time and I had an allergic reaction to all the cr*p I ate in my first week :eek:

I don't know how you intend to do the diet, I basically ate a load of rubbish when I started WW and paid the price!
Also there have been rumours about CD messing about with your blood, my mum's friend had a low platelet count when she came off CD, and my platelets were messed about, as was my immune system :eek:
I went into hospital with my glandular fever and had to be put into isolation because my white blood cell count was too low, heh.

It's a good idea to follow the CD maintenance steps to wean yourself off the shakes and stuff, because unless you're a healthy person (I'm not!) you won't get the vits/minerals you've been used to for the past few months and you could get a bit run down.

Anyway! :p
Now I've thoroughly scared you, ahaha, WW is a brilliant diet.
I'm currently following Core, so I avoid the temptation to eat rubbish, and it also means I eat 3 sensible meals a day and don't have to weigh my food, but Points is also good as long as you're sensible about it.

Good luck


Leahs Lightweights
S: 13st1lb C: 10st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 2st8lb(19.67%)
Hey JK

Sounds like you've had a really rough time of it xx

I went up to 1500 and have weened myself off the diet but to be honest I've been feeling pretty rubbish in myself since i've come off which is probably due to lacking in minerals etc.

How are you feeling now?

Lynn x
Now I'm just tired, but that's the glandular fever.

I found that my blood sugar got quite low when I was due a meal, I think it's cause the shakes have chromium in them which regulates blood sugar.

Eat fruit and veg and you should be fine :)
I think I just overdid it on the rubbish food :eek:

Core is a good plan, if you've been following 1500 to the letter (I jumped straight from 1200 to points) then it's quite similar but you have more choice on Core, and you don't have to weigh food :)

Good luck

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