Hello, newbie needs some advice please!


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Hi everyone!

I am a new here. I have been on the Cambridge Diet for just over two weeks and have lost two stones already!
I have a LOT to loose so guess perhaps most of it has been water retention or something... I must say this time I am serious about loosing weight, and promised myself this is not just one of those "hundred and one" diets I have been on in the past! So far I have been really motivated and actually enjoyed doing this! Though hard with the cravings...

Please could anyone clarify these for me:

*How many mugs of vegetable stock drink am I allowed a day?

*How many sweet flavour drink mix (summer berry)?

*What other liquids are allowed?

*Anything else e.g. sweeteners?

My cdc told me I could have one can of Coke Zero a day and unlimited summerberry drink mix, and 3 mugs of vegetable stock drink.
My friend's councillor told her that she is also allowed to drink strawberry and kiwi flavoured water that you buy from Morrisons. Mine said I am not allowed. Does anyone know about this?

Thank you! I am soooo glad to have found this forum!
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Gone fishing
You should find some answers here

I'm sure a CDC will come along shortly to fill in any other missing bits :)

Well done on losing 2 stone. WTG!!