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Hello - Newbie!

S: 16st12lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(6.78%)
Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum after being recommended it by a friend.

My name is Megan and i am 26 years old. I have struggled with my weight now for about 8 years and I am getting to the end of my rope with it all.

My background is, well, i was always little on the heavier side as a teenager but never VERY overweight. I am big boned. I know many overweight people use that as an excuse, but i actually am, my doctor told me i have very dense bones!!!

I never really enjoyed P.E at school but always loved swimming as my dad was a coach. When i left school at 18 i took at year out after my A-levels and worked as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at the leisure centre. back then i was heavier and starrted swimming every day after work and going to weight watchers. i droppped from about 14.5 stone to about 12.5 stone.

When i started Uni i met my boyfriend (who became by husband, who is soon to be my ex husband..more on that later) and i continued losing weight. even tho he said he loved me as i was i felt i had to continue losing weight for him. i dropped a further 2 stone and was very happy at 10.5 stone and a size 12. During the time i worked in the leisure centre i got my fitness instructors award and i went to uni to study sports science. i had a new found passion for exercise and when i completed my degree (4 years later) i went on to become a manager in a gym, as well as doing personal training and fitness classes on the side. during uni i also got married.

Life was good. However about 6 months later i was made redundant from my job. my job became very difficult and my workplace a very difficult place to be while i was waiting for my leaving date, and i also had a lot of conflict with some colleagues... unfortunately due to this situation i sank into depression and stopped exercising. It was a very difficult time of my life and i got stuck in a rut of binge eating and having no motivation to exercise. i picked myself up a little as i had to find work, and decided to continue freelance personal training in a different club. this went well for a while however i was secretly still in my rut of binge eating. i exercised more but still couldnt get a hold on my eating habits and had no clue why. i had changed from the person who was motivated to keep the weight off into someone just plain lazy but for some reason i couldnt snap out of it. my husband in the meantime had become obsessed with training and was getting quite ripped and muscly. he sometimes nagged me but still said he loved me the way i was. by the end of 2008 however i was up to 15 stone...however i did not look it, i only maybe looked 12.5-13 stone (so people told me, again the big boned thing and also i was muscly due to teaching some weights classes.)and i was still quite fit as i was teaching classes etc. in early 2009 i set a goal to complete in a relay of our local marathon, the relay was 5 miles. so i started running 4 times a week and eating better and slowly the weight started to come off. i was down to just below 14 stone when i fell pregnant 2 weeks before the marathon. my pregnancy was planned.
i still did the marathon but struggled through it due to the changes that were going on in my body early in pregnancy. and it took me about 2 weeks to feel normal again. however at that point i stopped training. i will admit that i used pregnancy as an excuse to binge even more and exercise even less. i was very unhappy with myself. my husband was getting more and more agitated with me saying i was putting on too much weight etc and i wasnt the woman he married. despite it being a mutual decision to have a child, when i was 6 months pregnant he told me he no longer loved me and when i was 9 months pregnant he told me he'd been having an affair. when our baby was 8 weeks told my husband moved out and is now living with the other person. we wont be getting back together. however due to the shock of that, a difficult pregnancy and an emergency c-section birth plus the emotional trauma i have been through , again i find myself totally unmotivated to exercise or eat healthy. cooking for one person is depressing and being a single mum is hard work i have had no time to invest in myself AT ALL.
HOWEVER enough is enough and i cannot continue down this path. i am now almost 17 stone and its disgusting, i used to be a personal trainer and motivate people ...now when i run into an ex client i turn the other direction as im so ashamed!!!!

After much debate in my head i have decided to give Lipotrim a go, followed by weight watchers to maintain the weight loss. i am also going to have some personal training sessions to get me kick started into exercising again.

Sorry this has been quite a long introduction, but i really hope to get alot of support on this forum as i really need it !!

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Hi Scarlettcloud, well, without sounding like a cliche, today is the first day of the rest of your life. It certainly sounds as though you've been through a difficult period but you can and will (with personal strength, which you know you have) get through this and achieve the weight loss that you're looking for.

I too have battled with my weight having been a size 10, then a 20, then a 12 and now at the heaviest I have ever been at a size 28. However, like you, I made a decision to do something about it. I am a counsellor but I'm not writing to you as a counsellor, I'm writing to you as someone who also shares your fears and can identify with your feelings of shame surrounding your self image.

You will find people here very supportive and there's some great threads that might inspire you further. On a practical note, Lipotrim is the hardest during week 1, get through this week and you'll be so excited with your loss that you'll want to keep going. If ever you want to have a moan off, compare weight loss, set mini-challenges, whatever, message me and I'll offer any support that I can.

Can't wait to hear about your first loss next week!

t x
S: 16st12lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 1st2lb(6.78%)

thank you for your kind reply. I should add tho, that i am not starting it until the 1st September as i am actually on holiday visiting my sister in spain for 2 weeks at the moment. i am hoping that 2 weeks here will kick start me a bit however as she is eating really healthy and we are swimming and walking every day!!

Good luck to you to with your weight loss journey...well done on your first week!!
Hi and welcome. Despite everything that has happened you are now ready to look after yourself and start to lose weight. Good luck with LT

Please start a diary thread in the LT section as I know you will get lots of support there

Irene xx

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