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Hello NEWBIE :)

Hello all

I am new here obviously. An asian female - used to having too many curries :sigh:
From being seriously depressed about my weight and body image - emerges a more proactive me :eek: . With support from you all I hope to achieve significant weight loss

Current Weight: 176 lbs
Target Weight 120 lbs
Height: 5ft 4 inches

Currently attempting Joshi's holistic diet

Looking for diet suggestions and excercise plans ? which worked best for you

look forward to chatting to you lots

love you all

Smee xxxxxxx
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S: 18st3lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 1st13.5lb(10.78%)
Hi smee

Good luck with the diet i hope it goes well ive never heard of it could you maybe tell me a little bit about it it sounds interesting.

hello ! well the joshi diet is a detox diet and is something that gym paltrow tried but I have been on it a week and I have not lost weight - I havent dome much excercise with it - I am still trying to figure out what is the best excercise regime for me ......

its a basic really: no bread, pasta, no dairy ( except yogurt) no fruit (except banana) no rice ( except brown rice) , lots of vegetables and carrots seem to be particular fav - cut out coffee - herbal teas only, no sugary foods etc - lots of fish and eggs

I have managed first week ok - his book has a reciepe section thankgod

I did cheat today - family I havent seen in ages ( 10 years) were in London for a visit so we went out.....oops at least I didnt drink - again - no drinking or smoking

I think I might just try and fins some weightwatchers in my area- I have heard good things and I need that support - I struggle on my own
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tell us more about your diet!
And i know what you mean about too many curries! My husband is Asian and his mum cooks the most irresistable home made curries ever! LOL
i think i have lost 1/2 pound.................... I think I might just switch to weightwatchers - I could do with the support xxx
this is my first time at dieting period. I was never that aware before. But diabetes is a big issue in my family as with most asian families and when I checked my BMI which went from overweight to obese - it was huge psychological shock - trigger as it were and the weight I have put on has been slow over a number of years....... No idea if thats is a good or bad sign for my metabolism and future weight loss - its really depressing :( I mean I am only 20 now - the earlier I attempt weight loss the better


Here for the Journey
Hi Smee
Good to be aware at a young age. It IS easier to lose the weight when you are young. Once you work out a healthy weight for you and find the right way (for you) to do it you will be well away :)
Gem x
Hey Gemstone :)

Thanks for that - but which is the best diet for me ? :sigh: I have no idea .....


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S: 18st3lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 10st5lb Loss: 1st13.5lb(10.78%)
Im just trying healthy eating, and whatever i eat im having smaller portions of (using a smaller plate) and ive cut out the junk especially the crisps which are fatal for me.
Support is always good so if u feel you struggle on your own use WW or SW at least it will give you a good idea where to start, and keep coming on here its brilliant for support and encouragement


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good luck smee! we're all here for you! welcome to the forum xxx
thanks all - I am seing my local cambridge diet rep - lets see what she says........... meeting her on thurs - will see - am scouting local gyms this afternoon - I am gonna take a while to decide the best course for me :eek:


Here for the Journey
Good luck with that Smee. Not an easy choice but if it works for you you're rockin'
Gem x :)

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