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Hello Peeps !!!!!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hello.....just joined feeling nervous and excited and hungry !!! hehehe

Following my own diet really, code name S.A.D .....

STOP eating crappy foods
DROP the pounds with exercise

Have been reading the stories here for a while ....what can I say I have been stalking this site.....hehehe

About me....buried my own Divalisciousness under stones and stones of flab, but I'm digging her back out one pound at a time!!! :) :) :)

Recently moved to America permanently, and determined to get my weight under control.......
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Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Thanks Irene .....I'm such a yoyo dieter.....determined to stop that habit, once and for all.....
Eek just noticed my height has come out at 5 ft 8, when I'm only 5ft 6 .....grrr better go and attempt to change it....I'm really quite hopeless on the p.c, so have amazed myself that I actually managed to join Minimins at all !!!!!

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Adi I'm just getting used to using my Ipad at the mo and this is technical enough for me, let alone keeping a blog!!

I guess I am hoping to keep on the straight and narrow on here, post my weightloss and my musings on here.....for now...

What's up? I am having real chocolate cravings, it doesn't help that the shops here are groaning with giant bags of chocs and sweets ready for Halloween !!!! Already had 2 small low fat choc muesli bar things and told myself off for them. It's crazy isn't it what we guilt ourselves with...in the bad old days I would have binged with a big bag of chocs and then downhill all the way for days, maybe a week of bad eating...

All I know is that you have to take it a day at a time, one tiny step at a time.....



Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Thanks Flopsie....I see you are banging those pounds on the head...brilliant !! How is Slimming World going do you go to a meeting? Only tried WW years ago and only managed to get to three or so meetings, before failure.....
You are so close to your target, you must be able to " taste it " .....hahaha.... Well Done

Diva x
Good luck - try to keep off the snacks. You know you have to!!


Violet is shrinking
Hi Adi, you can do your own food diary here or many of us use my fitness pal...there is a food tracher, database, caluculators,exercise tracker and more there...good luck!

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hey there forum stalker :p Haha! Hope you enjoy your time here and have great success on your weight loss journey! I also like your whole SAD saying too - very inventful!
Hope to see you around the forums soon for a chat and updates on your progress. Good luck! :) X
Guys, I have been using the Food Focus website for nearly a week and it is brilliant. I log all my food and activity. It helps me regulate my intake as I obviously dont have the sense to do it myself! So last Monday, starved, Tuesday starved and binged in the evening weighing in at 15/13 the next morning (gained 2lbs). But since doing foodfocus I weighed in this morning at 15/8, so have lost 3lbs over the week.

I hope I can keep it up!

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