VLCD Support Please!

Hello All - I am a new member and have joined as I thought it would be really great to hear from others in a (or have been in a) similar situation:). I am currently 13st13lb and have been at this weight for a good 8 years (give or take a stone) but I am the heaviest I have ever been and am now determined to sort myself out. I have realised that I am just so impatient and have failed previously because I am not physically seeing any loss quickly enough, for this reason I have decided to do 8 weeks on a VLCD (Exante) and will then gradually introduce some healthy meals and return to three meals a day. I previously have had a good healthy diet when it comes to my three meals but then I blow it by snacking even when I am not hungry which is my problem :(. I am hoping that by being disciplined on VLCD this will help kick my snacking habit and retrain my brain. I would love to hear any tips and advice along with success stories of VLCD dieters, it would really be appreciated :). I am going to log and post my weekly weigh in for 8 weeks in case anyone is interested but also to keep me motivated too. Thank you.
EDIT: Sorry, my weight is 14st13lb not 13st13lb as stated above. It's either a typo or wishful thinking! Happy Christmas to all.
Hi, I am also a new member doing Exante. Today is Day 2 for me and it’s ok so far. I too am an evening snacker, I’m fine through the day I suppose because I’m really busy, then when I sit in the evenings I get the munchies for either Ice-cream or chocolate.
I think that I have come up with a solution though, and that for me is to have my 2nd pack at about 4.30pm, 3rd at about 6.30pm, then 4th at 8.30pm. I’ll see how it goes???
Hi - Lovely to hear from another Exante dieter. Sounds like we are quite similar with our habits as I too snack in the evening (anything I can get my hands on) but am good during the day.

It's day 4 for me now and I have been having 3 x shakes per day and 1 x 200 calorie meal which I have enjoyed, I thought it would be really hard to have a meal with that little calories in it but with the help of Myfitnesspal and the list of foods that Exante say you can have, it is doable. Tonight I had 130g plain cod fillet baked in the oven and served on top of beansprouts and courgette ribbons which came in just under 200 calories. I am still cooking for the family and it's nice to sit at the table and actually eat with them for dinner.

Let me know how you get on? my first week weigh in is Thursday 2nd January and would love to know how it's going for you too. Good luck x
That does sound like quite a decent meal for only 200 calories. I agree that it’s good to sit with family for an evening meal - good for you. What times are you having your shakes? I have started a diary on here to cover my progress - CoffeeLover2020 Diary. My aim is to have 1/3 of a box of Chocolates when I’ve lost my first Stone - hopefully at the end of Jan. I know that sounds counter productive but it’s better than having the whole box in one sitting by my reckoning, but until then, I’m to be on my best behaviour.
Hi - I have been having my morning shake around 9:30, my 2nd around 2pm, a 200 calorie dinner around 5pm and the 3rd shake at 7pm. I am back at work on Thursday so I am going to try to keep to the same routine and have the 1st and 2nd shake at work but will have to swap my dinner to 7pm and have my 3rd shake in the car on the way home at around 17:30.

I agree on having a treat, it's individual and has to be what works for you and keeps you motivated, no judging here. I do not have a sweet tooth but have a savoury one and my snacking would have revolved around crisps, cheese, crackers etc..... Dinner tonight is 2 x soft boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers! I am sure there will be some funny comments from the hubby and kids at the table tonight, bring it on :p

I hope day 3 goes well for you?
You’ve got me thinking about what Exante is the easiest to have when out & about or in the company of others. I think that I’ll have the bars as they don’t need mixing and look just like the million other cereal bars that are out there, then if needs be, have a shake for my evening sweet fix. I’m trying to have at least 2 savoury choices each day.
Day 3 for me was good - I had a taste of the beef curry that I cooked & managed to leave it at that so happy days. How was your evening meal? Not too many jokey remarks I hope 🤞
Happy New Year CoffeeLover202. Yes all going well thank you apart from 2 glasses of red wine last night for New Year celebrations :) What about you, how are you getting on?

I like the idea of the Exante bars and think that's a good suggestion. When I do my next order I might get some as I only have the shakes at present. Although I am open to talk about the diet at work, I do not want comments every single time I have a shake, as you say the bars can just blend in.

Well done with resisting the curry, I found it quite hard the first few days cooking for everyone else when I was not eating it. By day four I was not bothered so that's a good sign I suppose.

Thanks for asking about the evening meal, they all refrained from taking the mick (I don't think they dared, I was quite hangry)! Tonight I am having a frittata in the oven (2 medium eggs, 50g cottage cheese and chilli flakes/ground pepper), I do not want to use oil so I will see how it comes out of the pan with just a baking sheet at the bottom 🤞

How have you been feeling i.e. any fatigue, hangry moments etc...? I do seem to be quite snappy, even the dog walks past me quickly now!

I will check back in tomorrow evening with my 1st week weigh in.

Good luck with your day tomorrow :)
Well my week one weigh in today was 14st7lbs so I have lost 7lbs this first week. I am pleased although I know some of the first week loss will be water weight so fingers crossed for next weeks weight in :)
Sorry I can't count! 6lbs loss not 7lbs :(
Congratulations on your 6lb! You must be pleased 😀. I haven’t had any bad hungry or angry moments yet, not sure why???
I’m updating my diary daily and doing surprisingly well. I can’t really figure out how I’m managing to stay on plan so well - it could be that I ate so much rubbish over Christmas that my body is happily enjoying not being abused. I’ve set myself 11 mini goals for January - these are in my diary.
I hope your hangry moments pass cos it will all be worth it.
Hello! New re-starter here, too. Slim 'n' Save is my weapon of choice at the moment, but 1) I've done VLCDs before and know the drill, and 2) Will contemplate Cambridge or something more supported once my finances even out a bit.

Day four. Bit rough, to be honest (and extremely cold!) but will be worth it in the end...
I started on cambridge step 2 at the end of November (3 products and 200 cal meal, 800 cals). Started step 3 last week, as I was really snappy and dizzy and not feeling myself at all. Doing a lot better on step 3......1000 cals.....meaning 2 products and 600 cals of food x
I started on cambridge step 2 at the end of November (3 products and 200 cal meal, 800 cals). Started step 3 last week, as I was really snappy and dizzy and not feeling myself at all. Doing a lot better on step 3......1000 cals.....meaning 2 products and 600 cals of food x

Nice one - not familiar with the Cambridge steps, so thanks for the hints! now I know. it's actually good that the companies these days have various options. Apart from anything, it keeps you as a customer. Do let us know how you get on :)
Hope you're doing okay bagpuss as it's hard going at first! Xx
Heya, thanks so much for asking. It certainly is. But actually, today, day 6, went better than expected. Was back at work today, but rather than the VLCD interfering with work (I can't really afford to be fuzzy headed, but thankfully wasn't), the work distracted me from the VLCD.

I should have remembered that some days I'm so busy that occasionally I didn't eat much anyway.... So tentatively, today has been OK. One day at a time... :)

How's you?
Hi CoffeeLover202 - sorry for the radio silence, it's been a bit manic. I am going to look for your diary shortly as I want to see how you got on with your weekly weigh in, I bet you have done well? I had a crappy day on Saturday and will not even begin to list my food sins, I am still not quite sure what tipped me off the wagon but I felt so guilty and got straight back on it on Sunday. I like your idea of having mini goals. I hope all is going well for you? I will check back in on Thursday with my 2 week weigh in 🤞