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hello to great people

this is my first time on LT and I am on day 5 now, have been reading your views and seeing trickers very encouraging.
But yesterday I had such akilling headache i thought of quittting it, as i am not the right person.
can anybody help me as I hav got a exam in 3 weeks times and i think i hav choosen wrong time???????
when i initially started i thought there is always something, there wouldnt be right time,now i am struggling with craving and headache:cry:though i hav lost 4 pounds.
hoping to get some help
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Hi and welcome. If you do decide to stick with it, you'll probably feel fine in 3 weeks time, and be full of energy! Headaches are a fairly common complaint in the first few days, but should pass. Exams are obviously important though! So maybe wait, and see how you feel and if you need to refeed for a while and start again then do whats right for you. Best of luck
Stick with it hun,its common to get head aches at the start and i still get the odd one but in 3 weeks you will be fine,probaly lost a stone or more! So stick with it xxx

I'm only halfway through week 2 but it's starting to improve in that I don't have the headache / hunger feelings now. Was halfway to quitting this time last week but I persevered til weigh in and the 12 lbs I lost have really spurred me on for another week.
Good luck in whatever you decide :)

yeah stick with it you will feel much better for your exams plus dont have to worry bout cooking food so more study time lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Drink plenty of water, i havent had one headache yet and ive been drinking about 4 litres xx


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it will pass, headaches are common in the first few days as your body gets into ketosis. Drink lots of water and you should start to feel better.

The thing that stopped me from taking dieting seriously in the past was there always seemed to be something that would come along and stop me doing what I needed to do. These hurdles are in your head and can be got over. Its only when i started lipotrim that i realised there was no more bargaining to be had between the good food fairy and the bad! Its now or never for me, and I am ready for that. Let go of those obstacles and keep going. if you stop now you will have undone all the good work you have done, and may find it harder to restart it.

And good luck for your exams! xx
Good luck in the exams, but seriously, you brain will always be able to come up with a reason to quit this program. It puts a lot of stress on the body because it's so extreme.

Headaches are a possible side effect, but temporary. Drinking more water can help with that.

Since you're only on Day 5, chances are you are not in ketosis yet. You should give it a few more days to get over this hurdle. If you were to quit the program now, you would go away thinking that Lipotrim was not for you, because you had a bad few days on it. When in fact everyone has a bad few days at the start, it gets easier, and you're probably just fine for the program. But if you leave now, chances are you won't ever go back to it.

And for all its faults, LT is an excellent way to loose weight.

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Stick with it I definately started to feel better on day 7 and in a couple of weeks you will not beleive the energy you will have! Goodluck. XX

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