Hello y'all on LL any strange toilet habits anyone?

Hey every one, hope someone is feeling the same and i know this is a horrible subject but i just want to know im ok,

During the day I can hear my tummy constantly churning and when i go to the loo its a watery substance that passes instead of the normal solid state. this has been happening since day 3 on the programme is this normal? and is this the way it will be until i leave to go on to maintenance?

I hope someone can help me please?? Im getting a wee bit stressed about it cause my LL councellor says its not to do with the diet but it must be?!!?

Anyway, have lost 7lbs in the first week, this is me on day 2 of the second, feeling fab apart from the toliet troubles though :(

Hiya EmJ

I'm doing CD and am a CDC, but this is my experience.

Some people get constipation, others can get choccy waterfalls (as I call them! :p ) You could split your packs in half, so you have 8 per day instead of 4 - it might just be the nutrients hitting your body hard.

Otherwise just space out your water throughout the course of the day, and take it easy. :)
Thank you for saying this is ok, i feel better now, it must just be a major detox or something, crikey, thanks for replying, I really was a wee bitty concerned,

I get them every now and then - like my body is having a sudden 'clear out'!! :eek: Generally happens just before TOTM now I think about it. Are you feeling ok in yourself apart from that?
you know i have never felt this positive and determined on any other programme in my life and i have been on quite a few, the fact that i dont need to think about conventional food is an absolute relief to no end!

I can see myself at the end of this journey, happy, healthy and beautiful, ive never felt beautiful in my life, and now i think i will, it feels fabulous!!! I dont feel hungry, im wide awake in the morning, its just so refreshing!!!

ive got the supersoft charmin in bulk lol, its all gonna be worth it is all i keep telling myself and i truly believe this everyone on here is a real inspiration!!

Hiya - Just read your post on the subject we girls don't like to talk about.

But from what you say, it is perfectly normal - I remember my first week being like that and my LLC said that it only lasts a few days, it takes a week or so for your body to get used to what your doing. With me I was quite constipated which bothered me in Week 2 and Week 3 but on recommendation from LLC I took 2 Ducolite laxatives (in green box) and the problem was solved overnight. So now once I week I help myself by taking just one laxative and I don't let it rule my life.
What a great forum this is! I have terrible "chocolate waterfalls" and have had now for 11 weeks since following LL. Personally I don't mind it (I have a warped mind, it reminds me of my laxative abuse days!) but my LL counsellor told me it's not really normal.. now I realise that actually it probably is!
Hi Everyone,

My name is Gemma i have posted on here before but a few weeks ago, i am on the DH forum too. I have a quick question....that is not nice lol.......I havent been to the toilet in over a week and i have taken 2 dulco lax which would normally blow my head off lol. But nothing.... has anyone else had this ..... or do you know where i can buy dynamite lol
You ladies may well benfit from psyllium husks.

I did LL in jan -june and had choc waterfalls ( or fast poo as my kids called it when small!!) and then it changed to constipation, the laxitives just made me have a stomach ache and are really not an ideal long term solution, however Psyllium husk are!!
You get them from most health food stores and they come in a big tub (you can also get them in capsule form)
If you put a couple of scoops ( I use the 10ml one that came in the mix-a-mousse) in a small dish,

add a heaped tsp of a pack ( Choc is nice with a tsp of coffee too!!),
a couple of sweetners and then top up with about 100mls of water
stir and leave for 10 mins , you will have yummy kind of porridge, you could also heat it up or use hot water to make!!
do remeber to have a really good drink after to make it all wash through and I promise you, you will have lovely soft firm poos that will cause no discomfort and WONT require the loo brush!!!
This will not interfere with ketosis and will not affect your cal intake at all as they cant be absorbed by the body so pass straight through, you may be a little windy for the first few days but after that thing should settle and you will poo in comfort!!! Enjoy!!!
Great post
Heidi you explain things so well
I think we have all have this prob.one way or another.
The Husks do work well.

Emj you are doing so well,and I can promise you you will look and feel beautiful,I know I fell so much better and have more enagey then I have had for years.
Good luck to you babe hope you little prob soon gets sorted.

Thank you so much i will pop down to the health food shop first thing in the morning but i did have a bit of success last night when i got home from WI, a start i guess. But i dont want to get like that again ..... once again many thanks

Gem x