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Hi Everyone

I have just started WW i have a long, long, long way to go so thought this may be a good way to get support and keep going.

How is everyone finding it, what is everyone eating I'm sticking to mainly WW branded food cos I'm scared of messing up the points how easy it? Any help and advice greatly recieved

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Is in the Zone
Hello :)

I have a long long LONG way to go too, but hardly think of it like that - I'm always aiming for that next half stone :)

I hardly eat any WW food - don't get enough of it for the points if you ask me :)

Best advice I can give you is to read the 'Sharing favourites & New Discoveries' post - and have a pad ready to write down all the great low pointed food!!

When's your WI day??

Good luck!!



Lovin it !!! :)

I'm with twiggs - ww foods are sooo small & sometimes expensive - tesco do pointed foods anyway and there are so many low point alternatives if you are prepared to look a bit - there are loads of yummy things and if you like cooking then you will be uber good lol
hello! sainsburys started putting the points on their good for you range, but i'm not sure if they still do. In tescos its the 'lite choices ' meals that have the points on

best of luck i'm sure you will do well
hello and welcome :) this is a very helpful and supportive place you will get there! WW products are ok check the pound shop! But i agree with the above posts the ready meals for example and not that filling and quite high in salt x


Up for the challenge
Hey my dear. Loving your name btw. Very cute. I have a long way to go too but like Twigs said it's best not to think of it like that. Just set yourself mini targets it make it a lot more managable.

I used to eat WW foods to begin with but it is soo easy to point your own food when you get in the habit, especially with stuff you have fairly often.

If something doesn't have the points on it fear not as to roughly work out points you just need to divide the kcals by 70 and the saturated fat by 4. Good luck in your first week :D if you need anything just ask :) xxx
Hi there welcome to minis and weight watchers.

I echo what Twigs and Sas have to say, I have a LONG way to go but really don't think about it like that, break it up into little bits and you'll find it much more achievable.

I very rarely eat WW stuff, the occassional thing but the best piece of advice i can give you is buy a weight watchers calculator. You just put in the cals and the sat fat and it works it all out for you!

Good luck chick, you'll do just fine and if you need anything then just ask

Hi and welcome. I would recommend you get a ww calculator and a set of kitchen scales, both of which will free you up from having to stick to ready meals.

Good luck x


Green tea advocate!!
Hello! This site is fantastic and will give you all the motivation and support you need. I'm constantly on here!! :D
I have a loooonng way to go too but like everyone else said it's best to set small goals! Best of luck x

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