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  1. PieMan

    PieMan Member

    I've been dieting for about 5 years and overall i've lost about 5 stone (70lbs) that i've actually kept off. I've done all the diets, and they've all worked to some degree. In fact i've been doing diets for so long i almost feel like a pro dieter. If there is such a thing.

    I'm here to read other peoples stories and get some support with trying to shift my final 36.6 pounds. After doing everything from the Southbeach, To atkins, to lemon, cabbage the whole lot i have reached this point now.

    Right now im not on a diet as such, im just counting calories hard working out twice a week and trying to loose weight and keep it off, as opposed to loosing a stone (14lbs) in like a week and then putting it all back on as soon as i get close to a normal eating plan.

    This is working but it's hard, as my body is still messed up metab wise, so as soon as i have my one day free to have a few treats i see my self gaining about 5-6lbs. Extremely frustrating and demotivating.

    Later on i will have a look around the forums and see what i can learn, and maybe even help. I don't knock or hate diets, they have helped me and changed how i was, but i still have a way to go, and want to get there.

    Thanks for reading, i will be back later to look around...

    Pie Man
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  3. Caroline18

    Caroline18 loves her boy right round

    Hey Pie Man, well done on your loss so far! just want to welcome you and wish you all the luck in the world
  4. Lozbo

    Lozbo Silver Member

    Hi and welcome to Minimins! Well done on your weight loss so far, you're doing great!
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  5. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome PieMan to MiniMins!

    Well done on your fantastic weight loss and congratulations on keeping it off as that is a brilliant achievement:happy096:

    Just by what you have said it sounds to me like you go from low carbing/counting to eating sweets/carbs and what is happening is that you are over loading the glycogen store and it is showing up on the scales as weight gained.

    Here is a link which will help explain a bit about glycogen and how it is stored in the body and how important it is to introduce carbs back into the diet gradually...


    I hope that helps!

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Kes

    Kes Gold Member

    and congrats on what you have already lost!!!

    hope you find Mini's useful... i have had amazing support from here, and i am now addicted!!!

    Good luck!
  7. Lisamac30

    Lisamac30 Full Member

    Congratulations on your loss so far, and all the best shifting the rest, you'll definately do it!! :)
  8. PieMan

    PieMan Member

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Mini that link nailed on the head what i think my problem is. I tried online to find out and never got exactly what i was looking for. But i think thats it what you linked. Thanks! My hardest part i know will be not having my weekend treats. It's frustrating, i get tired of doing it. OVER FOUR YEARS OF WATCHING WHAT I EAT...:sigh:

    Im off to have a look around. Thanks again all.
  9. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

  10. PieMan

    PieMan Member

    Thank you thats very kind of you. Im suprised how quick you helped me out though. I already think i see what may get me back on track. But its just going to be a struggle giving up that one day..or two.
  11. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Pleased you have joined us

    Irene xx

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