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Hello :)

Just another introduction..
I'm Izzi and I started Slim Fast yesterday. I've been reading the threads on here for a while to pick up tips and things and I've finally taken the plunge and joined!

I'm currently around the 10st mark, which may not sound too terrible but as I'm only 5ft, it makes a BIG difference and my BMI is too high. I'm hoping to get down to around 8st 7lbs.

Everyone on here seems to be doing so brilliantly so I hope some of that can rub off on me!

I have to go to my friend's house for roast dinner today and I'm slightly worried as I have no idea how many calories that will be, nor do I know what meat is being served. If anyone has any thoughts I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks! :)
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Eating at someone's house is always scary for me!

Try looking up calorie contents so that you have at least an idea how many cals are in different types of meat. There's no need to pull a scale out of your handbag or anything, but a serving of meat is usually the size of a deck of cards (way less than what most people take!)

I always try to stick to mostly vegetables, and just a bit of everything else. I think a good ratio is for half of your meal to be vegetables, a quarter to be the protein, and a quarter to be starch. (I'm a pescetarian, which actually makes it really easy for me to avoid some of the really fatty foods.)

Does your friend know that your on a diet? She might have used healthier cooking methods on some dishes, and you could fill up on those.

Most importantly: have a good time! Slimfast shouldn't be torture. If you wake up tomorrow and you think you've overdone it, skip the snacks for the next couple days, or go for a long walk/run.

Have a good time!
Hi there,
Thanks for the advice, I ended up having a small amount of chicken, a sausage, some sprouts and some potatoes so it wasn't too bad. I did slip up and have a mince pie though, although I'm not too worried about that as I had very little in the morning.
Hi Izzi! Im just over 10st and 5"2, so I hear ya when u say it makes a difference! there's nowhere to hide it when theres so little of u! Its all on my chin, boobs, belly, hips, back EVERYWHERE! UGH!!
Hopefully we can be as little in height and weight!
I'm a newbie too! And think this website is great! Certainly helped keep me out of the fridge today :)

Thanks one and all
Hey Sacha,
It's great to meet someone with similar stats! For me, my biggest problem areas are my face, hips, tummy and thighs. It's frustrating because if I could only stretch myself a bit I'd probably look 100% thinner! Good luck with your weight loss.
I see it on my face last.. it starts on my tummy, by the time its made my muffin tops bigger Ive got the start of a double chin, and big wobbly boobies! I look like Im hiding a pregnancy lol!
Some one asked me if i was pregnant this year at a work conference! I got so mad at her cos she sidled up to me and whispered it to me and I figure if I was and i hadn't announced it then it was because I didn't want to so she was out of order asking and if i wasn't she was calling attention to the fact I had put on weight! Still wasn't enough to stop me binging though!
That happened to my Mum a few times before she started seriously dieting. No one's asked me if I am before but my super skinny sister actually is and I look more pregnant than her!
lol aw i bet that sucks!


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welcome to you all!!!

Good luck with your journeys, and keep posting on here, it really does help....

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