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Hello :)


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Hi, my name is Vicky and I started atkins last friday (1/1/10). I have been sticking to the induction but seem to have only lost 3 lbs so far. I feel dizzy and sick this morning and thirsty all the time.
Am I in ketosis? I feel bloated and horrid and hope Im doing this right!!!!:confused:
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Hi Vicky, sounds like Atkins flu to me. Many people experience that when first stopping carbs. I hope you are drinking plenty of water. and hang in there, it will pass.


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Thanks! At least i know its normal.
To be honest so far it has been the easiest diet to follow. I have tried weight watchers (too hungry) and slimming world (too complicated) without much success. Im enjoying the food and not craving pasta or bread either (i used to eat a lot of pasta). I think the only thing Im missing is the odd glass of wine - think it will be worse this weekend. BUT..I will persevere with the induction and then maybe add it in later on. :D
Yes this diet is very easy to follow. This is why we all love it! My life is no longer ruled by cravings. Such freedom.
Hi hun

I expected to loose a stone the first week I must admit but you don't loose it that quick look at my losses but it comes off and you can stick to it. Keep going and good luck

Hey there and welcome. Just as the others have said stick with it. the atkins flu in the beginning is blah and you feel yucky.. but it will pass..:)
It varies from person to person Lorna, I had a lot to lose, and lost after the first 2 weeks about 2lb a week.
Oops I had some wine on friday night and some vodka on saturday :( naughty me. weighed myself this morning and still on the 4lbs loss. Still loving the diet though. food feels like im being naughty and im never really hungry :D
ah well, I drank dry red wine most Friday nights during induction, some lucky people can get away with it. ;)
Good to know everyone but me loses a stone overnight LOL
Jim i dont feel as bad about the wine now!
How much water should I be drinking? I do have quite a few cups decaf coffee during the day and a couple of herbal teas but i have also been drinking around 2 1/2 litres water per day. is this ok?
I drank a bit too much red wine on friday/saturday.
Feeling demotivated and fat this morning. I really need weight loss to keep me motivated. probably shouldnt weigh myself every morning :( feel like im doing something wrong .
You need to identify why you have become de motivated Vicky, what's changed love.
Dont know! Maybe its just Monday blues. Wanted to lose a bit more weight on induction, have done the two weeks now so Im going to carry on induction for as long as I can!
yes, do that love. I stayed on induction for nearly 6 months.

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