Hi all I'm a bit shy so bare with me.I'll be starting my diet 8-2-10(starting then as daughters b/day 3-2-10) very nervous about starting,my reason for starting the diet well i'm very down lost my husband my sister&my brother in 1year my health has suffered e.g being so tired so decided to diet want to loose 11 stone
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Losing the mummy fat
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Hello & a big :welcome:

This site is fab & everyone on it are fab too.
Good luck with the diet :D


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Good Luck dear.


Mumma K

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Hello and welcome Nikki, nothing to feel nervous of everyone here is lovely jubbley and i'm sure you'll soon become very addicted look forward to seeing ya aound the board good luck on your weight loss journey and hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday


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Hi niki Kerry here, everyone is really nice check out the Cambridge section x


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Good luck dear, although i am sure you wont need it.

Stick with it.

Heya! Don't be nervous, no one will bite you here, unless we are all really hungry at some point during the day ;)

Welcome, everyone here is lovely, really friendly and supportive and if you have any questions someone is always around to answer them as best they can for you.

Good luck on your journey when you start and hope your daughter has a brilliant birthday. Will look forward to seeing your results as time goes by. xxx

how do yu get that ticker thingy


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S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
click on someone elses ticker and it will take you to web page to do your own one then copy and paste the code into your signature which you find under your user cp tab at the top.

Don't be down hunny you will lose weight soon enough xx

Blue Butterfly

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Hey Nikki,welcome to minimins.
Good luck with your weight loss.
You will lose it,I know it seems like alot but just set yourself little goals....like 7lbs or a stone at a time,that way you just have smaller goals to work towards and you dont feel like you have a huge amount to work at...if that makes any sense!
I have 10st 10lbs to lose. Already lost 15lbs :)

Claire x