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hi, ive never tried slimming world before, but it sounds really good, i was on the weight watchers and lost 5 stone, i was under my goal weight and decided to stop smoking, since stopping smoking (almost 3 years now) ive put on nearly 3 stone, i'm still following the weight watchers plan but its not having the same effect, im losing 2lb then putting 3 on, i feel im just going round in circles, was just wondering if anyone has a slimming world 2010 starter pack that they would like to sell on, thankyou..x
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What? You want people to part with their SW bibles? :8855:

In all seriousness, go to a group for a week. Pay the membership fee (£9.95 including the cost of the first meeting at the moment) and you will get the starter pack as part of that fee. If you dont want to stick at going to group, dont, but it is certainly the most efficient and cheap way to get hold of the information you want.

Mrs V

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I have to agree. You would be better off parting with £10 (more on ebay and not up-to-date versions on there), then trying to do this completley alone.
Welcome and well done on quitting smoking too by the way!
hi, thanks for the info, but the meeting that are on around here are all around 8 to 10 mile away from me and are held at 6.30 and 7 pm... i work 3 till 11, :( must put my thinking cap on..x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
You will!!!

How about joining on line? Or you can call a Consultant and have a chat with them about the best options. I know my Consultant has done home weigh ins before now.
Have a look at the food diary forum on here as well to get you started and give you some meal ideas. You can get the jist of it all on here, but you would need to get that little bit of information to start yourself off.
Believe me, its far better than WW!
No idea where you are Andy, but certainly in this area there are groups in pretty much every town, and most of them have a morning session at about 9.15-9.30. Have you looked at the online website? You can get a fair bit of information from there without signing up to the online service and I think you can check for other groups nearby that might suit you better.

Do you work near to the group? Could you schedule your break so that you could just pop out and go to one as a one off?

You can probably find out an awful lot of the information just from this forum to be honest, have a look at the threads that explain how the plan works, and ask us! We cant give you entire lists of syn values because the site would get closed down, but if there is something specific you would like to know, there are always people on hand to help :)

ETA - to be honest, the only reason anyone would have a spare copy is if they had previously lost theirs and had to re-register at a group, and then found their old one again. You need the main book to take to group each week to record your progress in.
oh i never thought of joining online, im not sure if there is one near my work... im sure i could check that out online, i suppose if i cant get to a meeting as a one off maybe my sister or a friend could go, is it all explained in the starter pack.. or is it something i should actually go to so i can take it in myself..x
At the group you would have the plan explained to you by the consultant as part of the first meeting. So yes, it would be good to do that. But you can probably work most of it out by reading on here ;)

One way or another we will get you sorted out!! :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
If its a couple of years old, there will be a lot of changes. They now have another plan that could suit you better called the Extra Easy and is very flexible.
If you can, go to a class, you dont have to stay after you have the books, but go for the Consultant brief and speak to a few people.
sorry its taking me so long to reply, i keep losing my post, i think the book i have is about 6 yrs old, i went to weight watchers because i was really fussy with food, am not really a meat eater and knew with weight watchers that you can have any foods just count your points, and also its really the only slimming club around here, hope i manage to get myself to a meeting soon... feels like more and more pounds are piling on by the minute..... thankyou all for the help .. must go get ready for work now... i will keep you posted on how the weight loss goes... thanks again..x
Hope you have a nice shift at work. Slimming World works very well with a vegetarian diet, if you don't really eat meat then following green days would probably be better for you because you get double "healthy extras / hex's" on that plan.
i have managed to locate a slimming world starter pack from my mother inlaw, gonna have a good read of it over the weekend n probably start monday, she explained it all really well and explained all about the syns... looking forward to giving it a go... thank you for all your help.. :)

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