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    My names Martin. I am about to start trying to loose weight and have decided to join your forum. I am currently a seafarer and am required to get a medical every 2 years, although mines has always been restricted due to my weight. For the past year i've been at college instead of at sea and must admit the take aways and beer have made me gain a lot of weight, meaning I not have a BMI of around 45 which isn't good!! technically the rules of my medical are I should fail with anything over 35 but I have never been under than and always passed...... however medical aside, it would be nice to loose weight just to fit into nice clothes etc!! At the moment I am limited to loosing weight through calorie control as (in my attempt to get fit) I have broken my foot :( I have made the "drastic" choice to cut beer out of my life for a while and see how it goes from there!!

    Feel free to ask any questions you have etc :) Look forward to spending some time on here.

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  3. LIZ B

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    I am new today too so I wish you luck used to go to slimming world but got embarresed sometimes so thought I would join the forum and keep a diet diary and fitness chart to try to give some encouragement I like larger and wine at weekends to so gonna change to a white spirit wit diet mixer I wish you luck

  4. martyboy

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    Thanks Liz! Beer I think is a huge killer for me. A new slimming world club has started across from my house but I keep putting off going to it for one reason or another :) I wish you luck too!! I'm just on Asda website ordering all the great fruit and veg to be delivered tomoz :p

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