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  1. babysumo

    babysumo Member

    Hey everyone my name is j,
    I took my user name from an incident that happened a long time ago when having a bath with my 5year old son. I stood up to hop out of the bath and my son (eyes shining with admiration) said "Dad you look like a baby sumo". At that time I was 23 stone and have lost around 5 stone since. I'm looking forward to and appreciate the chance to participate in these forum. Being obese is a lonely place, a loneliness that colors the background of the whole of ones life, so the value of a forum such as this could easily be the value of a life.
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  3. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Silver Member

    Hello J, welcome to Minimins! That weight loss is amazing, wish i could boast about that, one day i will! Good luck on the continuation of your weight loss journey :)
  4. babysumo

    babysumo Member

    Thanks Princess, Its great having the support the forums give, you should just be boasting anyway beautiful.
  5. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    What a heartfelt post J , I admire your honesty, and of course you are entirely right. I wish you much success. I too have a lot of weight to lose and have made a pact with my son that if I don't give up on this then he will not give up on learning to ride a bike. Something he is desperate to do but lacks the confidence to achieve.

    Izzy x
  6. bekhayman

    bekhayman New Member

    Congrats on the 5 stone loss. Thats amazing. I'm new to the forum too.

    Your post was lovely and I could relate to it. I have generalised anxiety disorder and tend to comfort eat when im feeling anxious. Everyone has their reasons and I think if you don't do it yourself then you don't understand.

    All the best x
  7. IzzyWizzy

    IzzyWizzy Full Member

    You are the first other person I have come across with a diagnosis of GAD. My 9 year old son has also been diagnosed with this about 2 years ago. It is a difficult thing to manage don't you think? He finds it very difficult to talk about . I'd appreciate any tips or insights you may be willing to share with me.
    Hugs Izzy x

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