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Hi there, I'm new to this forum and about to get back on the weight-loss wagon. I've shopped for a week of slimming world and am just debating whether to give it a go on my own or join a class. I have tried SW before and had some success but have always mainly stuck to green days, which I don't think suit me, so I'm giving the original ones a go this time.
I've been reading through some of your posts and I'm sure this will be the place I come for inspiration and moral support.
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welcome !!!! if you can get to a class then i would join one as you get alot of support from them especially if you stay to class as you pick up so many ideas but the same is said for this site you can ask anyone anything and someone will always be able to help you.i mainly do red days but do whatever you find suits you best .good luck and keep posting .


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welcome welcome xxx
Hi and welcome.
I do not have a class around where I live so am doing it from the bodyoptimising site online - I would go to a class if I could though - I have picked up so much from this forum and assume most of it has been learned through a class
Good Luck

Nanny Jax

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Hiya and welcome SandyLee, looking forward to seeing you regularly, be sure to have a look at the recipies and the other stickys, some really good things in them.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
hi sandylee,

good luck with the plan. i know it's sad but i actually enjoy and look forward to going to class! i also need the 'shame' of being weighed each week to keep me going...but everyone's different. wish i didn't have to fork out £5 a week, but it works for me and i'd rather spend it on my health than on pies! heheeheee
Welcome to the wonderful world of minimins! I can't offer any great advice as I'm somewhat rubbish at SW but theres lot of people who can! Good luck x


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Hi SandyLee, welcome to SW and to the forum. Definately go to class if you can get to one. I totally agree with what Karen said.
Good luck with it and visit here regularly for support advice and just general chatter x
Well I've decided to go it alone for a week, the class near me is on a Monday. I weighed at home last night and if I have not shifted some lard by next Sunday then it's off to sign up on Monday.

Today I am having an original day and I am starving, I can't wait for dinner tonight, what does everyone snack on on an original day?If I was doing a green day I'd do myself some rice or pasta as a snack.:confused:
I have just scoffed some cold ham to stave off hunger pangs.


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I always find I get too hungry on a red day. The only thing I snack on if I do them is Fridge Raiders


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hi sandylee, i would recommend that you try and join your nearest class, i can never diet alone and i know ill cheat if i dont have to go and get weighed.
I agree with everyone - get to a class if you can do. I find when i do it on my own i only last a couple of weeks and then start tweaking the diet to the point where it doesn't work. Not only do classes provide lots of support, but i find the competitive side of me always wants to do better than the others!

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