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Hi all i new, well obviously. am trying to loose baby weight from 7 months ago coz it is making me very depressed and affecting my relationship. but although am slowly loosing weight now have an apron need help or advice. befor i do something drastick like surgery. oh can i have that done on nhs am desperate. wont leave house and sex life has gone to pot coz im so paranoid:cry:
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Why don't you join Slimming World. You can eat unlimited foods on certain days with literally no points or counting. Look at www.slimmingworld.co.uk I think its great. Good luck.

ps - my weight affects me too and i worry about it but my bf tells me he loves my curves and he loves my bum. If he loves my figure I am trying to love myself too. You've had a baby so don't be too hard on yourself. You're probably tired, knackered and **** is probable the ;last thing you feel like (sorry for being crude.) This forum is a good place to be as we are all suffereing from the same thing. You'll get there, just commit to a diet and stick to it.


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Hi and welcome. it's not long since you had your baby and you will lose the weight. You are doing the right thing by tackling it now. How much do you want to lose? are you exercising? Even walking plenty with your baby.

Irene xx
Hi all im sarah im feeling very down today as weighed myself at boots and was told i was over weight have put a bit on but didnt think it was that much. and my bmi wasn good or my fat analisis so need help.

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well i can see this one if that helps!! lol

where did you post the other ones? x
ok finally found posts i done ages ago. have no plan of action dont know where to start but was told today im over weight. i weigh 10st 9lb, im 5f4 my bmi is 25.2 (i know its not too bad but its more than it was 3 months ago) my body fat is 33.8%. my docter said my ideal weight would be 8 1/2 to 9 stone so i guess i wanna lose about a stone and a bit. i dont know anything about diets. i did join a gym and went once but couldnt cope with going alone i felt like everyone was looking at me. my bf says i look fine but iv got no confidence left i dont know what clothes to wear and even considered plastic surgery which isn an option now as cant afford it as had to buy new car. but have decided its time to get on top of it befor it gets so bad i cant handle it. any advice. diet tips etc. i have a very limeted diet. only eat chicken, no red meat dont eat veg only pots. some fruit when i can be bothered. think im adicted to coke and hate the diet stuff. dont eat prosessed food although we do have pizza or kfc at least 1's a month.
if anyone can help id be so gratful
I would start by writing a food diary as that way you can really see what you are eating. Maybe try cutting down on the coke so see if that makes a difference. You are still in the healthy bracket so making small changes should be enough to lose that stone or so. Good Luck xx
The best way is to either keep the piece of paper or record the details and try for 7 days to diet. Then go back and get weighed on the same scales again and compare the figures. Good luck

Irene xx

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