Hi, I'm Catherine and I'm 22 and from a village in Norfolk.

I had a :( moment the other morning when I was sitting on the coach to college, in the seat behind the driver and, looking in the main mirror thing, thought that they'd put in new seat covers before realising that it was my torso. So it seems like a good time to start trying to do something about my weight again.

I'm not sure what I weigh at the moment because the scales at home are rubbish, going to Sainsbury's on Monday though so I'll be able to weigh myself there. I know that it's 14st something though and I'm 5ft 2, so it doesn't really sit well.

I want to try and get as much weight off before next September, as I'm trying to get into university and don't want to feel like the blimp in the room anymore but I don't really have a diet in mind. I used to go to weightwatchers and lost half-a-stone and still have all the booklets and things, but can't afford to go to meetings so I might just try and work from those. Don't know if it's a good idea or not?

Aside from weight things, I guess I should say something about me? Ugh, I hate making newbie posts lol, can never think of what to say, hmm:

Live at home with my parents, have one older sister and one nephew (they don't live here), have four Border Collie dogs and one Cat, obsessed with London. Favourite music is My Chemical Romance, Matt Nathanson and Yellowcard and favourite TV shows include Lost, Dead Like Me, Smallville and My Name Is Earl.

I guess that's it.
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Hi Catherine, :welcome: to minimins. Doing WW without going to the classes would be a great start hun shir you can always weigh yourself once a week in boots or somewhere to keep you on track. lots of information here on various diets :) x


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Hi and welcome.
You can def do something like WW from home as there's lots of support on here! Or maybe calorie counting (CC) is pretty straightforward! Having dogs is a great excuse for going for a walk... I started walking mine (with a friend) on a Sunday about 6 weeks ago... tomorrow we are doing a local walk which is 6 miles (ek!) Will be good though. Good luck with whatever you decide - keep in touch!


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins. WW can be done from home easily if you have the willpower - Start a diary over in the WW forum - we're a very friendly and supportive lot over there! xxx


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Hello & welcome to Minimins :)


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Welcome to Minimins! :)
We're the same height and have the same music interests. ;)

Good luck with your weightloss journey. :)