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Hello!! New to this so still trying to work out where to start! Have been on Lipotrim since 5th Jan and feeling really well, better than I have in years in fact. I am a comfort eater/drinker and have abused both of these terribly over the years mainly to deal with problems I have been having. So this journey is to re-educate myself, to hopefully help me to learn that I dont need these things to cope. I am trying to find other ways. I would really appreciate support from anyone dealing with similar issues, I will also do my best to help anyone else. This forum looks like a fantastic place. I hope I can contribute.
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Hi, welcome... I too have been a comfort eater, and a fairly heavy drinker for all my adult years... i too started in January and also feel better than I have in years, not only because of the weight loss but also because of the lack of hangovers... my skin is glowing and I actually have energy.. this forum is really great.. has helped me no end and the people, unlike in many internet forums, are always friendly, no sarcasm and no put downs... it was this forum that helped me make the decision to change my life and i am very grateful for it.. good luck with your journey xxx


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Hey black tink and welcome to the forum! :)
The guys an dolls on here are very supportive and friendly and i am sure you will find all the support and confidence you need from here.
Good luck on your journey and like you said, you dont need those things any more - i too was a comfort eater and i too, like you am feeling fab on this diet - so heres to us! :)
Good luck girl xx
Hi and welcome to the forum and good luck on your journey.
I have never felt so good in years as I do now, my energy levels are through the roof and I just dont stop. I just cant stop cleaning and now that all the cleaning is done, I have started decorating, I finished the big spare bedroom in 1 day, usually it takes me about 3 days.
Lipotrim definitely shows us that we dont need to be stuffing our faces every hour and drinking as much alcohol as we once did. Its certainly a re-educating programme and so far its working wonders for me.
Good luck and I look forward to your contributions on the forum.
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hi and welcome

you come to the right place here plenty of support so if you feel like cheatin or wat ever get your ass on here and be prepared to be talked out of it
Hi Black tink, welcome look forward to hearing about your journey. As others have said , if you feel like throwing the towel in for a nibble come on here, it occupys your mind from doing what you might have done. Iv been on LT since August 08 but had a pretty bad January so i came back to minis and everyone has been real kind and supportive. Good luck.


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Hi welcome you will get loads of support, I too comfort ate and under real stress have been known to drink to excess but no neither will help I also now no I eat through boredom but no more


Here we go again!
Hi Black tink and welcome to the forum. I have found this site so helpful, don't think I would have made it this far without it.

Whenever you are lacking willpower or need a bit of a boost come on here and you will get it. Everyone is great and really supportive and will help you through your journey too.

We started within 2 days of each other so really we are at the same stage. I'm feeling so energetic and well too.

Good luck and keep logging in!
S: 14st1lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 2st9lb(18.78%)

Wow! You guys are fab!! Thank you so much for all your lovely replies.
Its great isn't it. I never thought in a million years that I'd get through one day let alone just over a month without eating or drinking! Has anyone else found their nails are stronger and even hair feels thicker? Must be all the nutrients and water we're having?? Energy is up hugely but find I'm waking up earlier and flagging a bit nearer the end of the day but I'm on a lot of medication at the minute which might affect it a little?? anyhoo look forward to hearing from you all again. Gonna check out the other threads now.
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welcome to the forum and all the best on your weight loss journey and look at you for losing 27lbs as well!! Well done. I think we need to take the advice of ya...lol. I have also been a comfort eater so when things go wrong I always end up eating my way through a packet of crisps or biscuits, so this journey as well for me is to re-educate myself into thinking theres something better than making myself ill so to speak. Wishing ya all the success on your weight loss journey, take care


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Hello and welcome :)

Im a comfort eater too and a heavy drinker!!

I have soo much more energy and im not as moody any more since ive been on LT :)
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hi and welcome to Lt and minimins the site is amazing theres plenty of support on here if you need it.
I am also a comfort eater and really understand how hard it is to break the cycle, i hope that at the end of my time on LT i will understand my relationship with food better, but one thing is for sure I WILL NOT go back to what i weighed before starting LT

keep strong and use the site
all the best

Sharron xx

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