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Hi there,

I didn't know about this site until I read about it on another forum! I thought i'd join because while i'm typing i'm not stuffing my face!!!!

I've done SW a few times before and think it's a fantastic diet, but I have a tendancy to not turn up to class if I know i've gained, then try to play catch up which never quite works so I end up leaving. I really believe it's a fantastic diet though and am more determined than ever to DO IT this time as i've got a holiday abroad booked for May and I neeeeed to lose about a stone and half by then.

My start weight (this time) was 13st 1.5lbs. The first week I lost 6lbs, then I lost 1lb, then last week I lost 2.5lbs so it's 9.5lbs in 3 weeks! My weigh in day is Tuesday morning so i'll post to let you know how I get on!

Hope everyone's determined as hell to shift some pounds and I look forward to getting to know you!

YamYam (Kate)
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Thank you!

Wow - we love the backyardigans in this house! My daughters have to be reregistered because their dad & I got married so I said they can choose their own middle names. One wants to be Pablo and the other wants to be Tyrone!! lmao!!!


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yamyam - love the name!


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Hallo Kate ;)

Hallo Emma ;)

Julie-twinmumagain here :D


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Hi Yam Yam,

Welcome to the board and well done on your weight loss. Good going!

Nice to meet a fellow yam-yam on here. :D


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Hello - i'm just starting SW and your weight losses have made me feel happy - i hope i do as well!!!!

Look forward to getting to know you. x


Well Done yamyam ur weight losses are great!

how u doing?



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Hi there,

Aren't you lot darlin's? Awwwww....

I'm doing great thanks. Shame this site isn't a bit more busy for us SW'ers! Still, the before & after pics are fab arent they?