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Hello to you all, I have never been on a forum for anything before but started to other new things today so thought I would go for a hatrick.
I am 14 (the heaviest I have ever been) fed up of being this way, I dont believe my own excuses anymore so started at Slimming World today (have been before and did loose weight without much trouble but fell pregnant) I managed to stick with the diet the whole way thought my pregnancy and was in good shape after the birth but I let it go and here I am.
I also started taking Xenical today as well, no side effects yet - I plan to use it to kick start me into action - over 12 stone and I am in a place I have never been before and need to get out of here as fast as I can.
Anyone else doing the same as me?
How fast was the weight loss?
Oh and how to I get a ticker thingy:)
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and welcome. I'm pretty new here myself, and have my first weigh with the doctor on tuesday. I'm 36 this summer and I never intended to be this weight at this age. I was fine 2 summers ago, bumbling around in my size 12 jeans (my fave 3 pairs are sitting in my wardrobe waiting for me) but then lost mobility with a bad back injury and had to have surgery. A year later and I had to have surgery again....and in all that time I sat around alot and ate and drank and felt sorry for myself. Now I'm pretty much fixed and am driven as hell to get this excess weight off, I can feel my knees straining, its nasty.

The Xenical side effects took 2 days to kick in for me, but they weren't bad. They've only been bad once, and that was when I ate a meal that was more than 5 % fat....I( think I just wanted to test it, see what would happen. Well, I didn't like it, and haven't gone over the 5% since.
I'm in the same place as you in that I've never been this weight before, and I too want to get out of it as quick as possible, but I wanted to re-educate my eating habits too. I thought about Slim-Fast, but realised the weight would just go back on as soon as I started to eat what I was considering as normal....so a chat with my GP, and a look on here made Xenical the logical choice. I'm loving eating real food, and I know that this is a lifestyle choice not a diet.....and the fear of Xenical side effects is enough to keep me focused.
I bought a pedometer, and make sure I do 10,000 steps a day (I've been walking my labrador puppy up the forest today) and I know that the weight will come off....slow and steady but definately certain, thats how Im feeling about this.
As for the ticker thingy....I went into the tutorials section in the menu and it explained it there, nice and easy
Great to meet you, and enjoy the journey :)
Hi there, welcome!

I am the same size as you and same age!!

Only been on Xenical for 3 weeks but have lost just over 2 stone since Xmas so anything is possible!

I am getting married in 6 weeks and i have a dress upstairs that fits but I'd like to lose 1" at least from my boobies so its a little more comfortable....

Xenical just keeps me focused.

I look forward to seeing you again, good luck!

Julie x
Hello and :welcome2:

I have lost 18Ibs in 2 months so your target is achievable as will depend on individual.

The easiest way to get the ticker is click someones and it will take you to the site where you create one and will update it with your losses, it will then create you a url to copy and paste in your usercp section on here.

Good luck x


'this time i'll do it!'
hi there, im new on here too and have decided that im sick of being this big, ive been taking xenical for a week now, only had one troublesome time and since then iv watched my diet.
hope you enjoy this forum and hope your diet goes well

sharon x
Thats the beauty of the Xenical fear factor lol....it only takes that one 'troublesome time' like Sharon says, and you'll stick to the 5% boundary like glue!!
I'm petrified out of my wits to do anything other than obey heehee!
Hi there
I only started on Monday and the fear factor is well and truly with me!
But saying that so far so good.
I've found this forum excellent as everyone here is on the same journey so understand what you're doing and why - as long as the right food choices are made then it doesn't seem like we can go wrong.
Good luck on your journey!

Kate x x
Thanks for all of your replies, I feel inspired and in some ways wonder whether the 'fear' of an 'accident' and the constant focus on fat may in fact stop me enjoying the food that I could if I just stuck to Slimming World. I wish you all well.... roll on weigh in number 1
Welcome & Good Luck :) xX

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