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Hellooo Peeps!!! :o)) Sample Menu for your comments .. ta xx


maintaining since June'09
Hellooooooooooo :wave_cry:

Exciting and trepidacious (sp?) to begin a thread in this 'ere refeed section!!!

Obviously this possible menu for week 1 of my refeed is not written in stone and I'd appreciate your comments.

Day 1 Mon 1st June
Night shift on 31st so will have had (final!) flapjack in the night.
Will have shake made into mousse (as usual for me) when I get home, then I'll go to bed.
Tea - 4-6ozs roast chicken with salad (salads will be leaves, toms and cucumber - sm cereal bowl and I'll try balsamic vinegar as a dressing)

Day 2 Tue 2nd June
B'fast - shake/mousse
Lunch - 1/2 tin tuna in water or brine & salad
Tea - Going to local pub so will order undressed side salad and will smuggle in a chopped up chicken breast to chuck in it.

Day 3 Wed 3rd June
B'fast - shake/mousse
Lunch - 4-6 ozs roast turkey
Tea - 8oz bkd pot, will scrape out potato from skin, mix with other 1/2 tin tuna from yesterday, some vlf fromage frais and herbs & refill potato skin, & serve with salad

Take maintenance bar to work

Day 4 Thurs 4th June
Will have had maintenance bar in night
B'fast (when get home) - shake/mousse
Bed zzzzzzzzzzzz
Tea -4-6ozs roast turkey, salad & new potatoes

Take sandwich & fruit to work

Day 5 Fri 5th June (My birthday!)
Will have had sandwich in work - 2 small slices wholemeal bread, cooked meat, tom & cucumber slices and maybe some leaves. And a piece of fruit probably a pear.
B'fast - shake/mousse
Bed zzzzzzzzzz
Tea - Baked salmon fillet with roasted vine tomatoes and courgettes with 6 small new potatoes. Vlf fromage frais with fruit OR a chop whip.

Take sandwich to work

Day 6 Sat 6th June
Will have had sandwich & fruit in work - as yesterday
B'fast - shake/mousse
Bed zzzzzzzzzz
Tea - Chicken & salad & potato salad (the 6 sm new pots crushed with vlf fromage frais & herbs). Fruit or choc whip.
Snack in evening - fruit or maintenance product

Day 7 Sun 7th June
B'fast - shake/mousse
Lunch - sandwich as day 5
Tea - Pasta & sauce. Will make tomato & basil sauce & may have lean mince or quorn mince in it as well
Snack - fruit or maintenance product

Thanks for reading this folks! ***bites nails nervously at the thought of eating in 8 days time***
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One last chance
Sounds good to me, but I think I would avoid roast chicken and have it either steamed, grilled or boiled. Roast chicken is quite oily and fatty isn't it?


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Hey Jan, welcome to FOOD.........lol.

Menu looks good to me and well balanced.
I will be thinking of you, but I wont post my menu for the same 7 days as you, as this will be my first week of my hol - (did I tell you I was going to Turkey?)

Good luck when you go on refeed Jan, you will be amazed at the tastes.

The chicken Yas would only be greasy if having the legs which would be soaking in the chicken fat, but the breast would be okay.
To be honest, I have started to boil/steam my chicken lately, makes it less dry and very succulent.


One last chance
Oh I see. Damn, it's a shame, the leg is my fave part of chicken, it's the juiciest part.


One last chance
Awesomeness! lol why didn't I think of that? XD


One last chance
LOL you're telling me! XD


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Oooooooooooooh Jan!!!! I'm excited for you! You're refeeding in a week - thats another one deserting the tfr forums :( lol

Menu sounds scrummy! mmmmm Don't really know much about it but it seems ok :) Kered is the knowledge queen and if she says its a ok then its a ok! :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
I'm not planning on deserting anywhere ;) !!

TBH when I say roast chicken breast I mean a breast probably with lemon or lime and tarragon on it wrapped in tinfoil and done in the oven for about 20-25 mins, that's probably actually baked - but I WOULD have the breast off a whole roast chicken as long as I'd cooked it myself - or knew who had ;).
As I'm sure you know those ready roast ones from the supermarket are injected with oil - that's why they're always so moist.

I've now found out that relatives from Oz will be in the area 6,7&8th June and we'll be going for a meal with them - but I'm sure I can work round it.

Mary's right I'm 7lbs from goal as of last Tues so hopefully with tomorrows weigh-in and another 6 days TFRing after that I'll be a bit closer again! We shall see!

Didn't know you were going on holiday Mary ...... hope you have a lovely time .... (honest!!! :eek:) ....


maintaining since June'09
BTW!! I made the shopping list for this menu last night. I said to DH 'look at this! It's as long as my arm!' TFRing has been sooo easy, I'm sure gonna miss it :eek: xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Jan check out this site www.mysupermarket.co.uk

You can go on and add up all you want to buy and it will tell you where's cheapest! I did it for the 10days before i go on hols and its guna cost me almost £30 :eek: (but i am buying bulk chicken and fish that will last way longer than 10 days) Small price to pay to be healthy and slim hey! :giggle:


maintaining since June'09
Ooooo okay, willdo, thanks very much for that! :)xx


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Yes Jan, all the ease of living is taken away when re-feeding, so many choices, shopping etc to be done, not one trip to the Pharmacy, pick up 21 sachets and go home.......lol


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Hi Jan!:welcome: Lovely to see you on here. Good luck for your refeed! Look forward to chatting on these threads! x
hello, I just started lipotrim a week ago - had my first weigh-in today and lost 11 lbs in my first week!!!!! so pleased.. tomorrow is the beginning of my second week so I came here searching for support! i saw your refeeding menu and it had my mouth watering, sounds so delish! congrats to all of you for doing such a fab job, keep up the good work!! x


maintaining since June'09
Congrats on the 11lbs - great start! x
Yum.....sounds delish...mind if I join you for din-dins!!??!!:eat:

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