Hellooooo... Newbie here!


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Take it one day at a time and try to keep your mind off food by doing other things - reading, puzzles, pampering yourself. Some days will be harder than others but once the first week is over it will be easier.
You can do it.
Irene xx
Good luck... Have you done any preparation..? Carb withdrawal... started glugging loads of water??? It really helps!

Do's: Stay motivated
Use us for all the support you need
Make sure u follow all the rules
Drink loads (I usually try about 3-4 litres)
Think of the future

Don't:Give up
Eat/Nibble (It'll make things tougher)
Feel that you are alone

(By the way... I am on day 8 and the first week was a challenge... but worth every moment)

You have probably imagined that'll be worse for the first week then it actualy is



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Due to start SS tomorrow! Feeling quite nervous & excited... Any advice... do's or donts.... The biggest do I guess is the more you drink the more you shrink.....

I have 4 stone to loose & am currently 15st 6oz... single mum to 2 boys under 5 & work from home...

All advice gratefully recd!

Ettie -x-

Hi Ettie,
I noticed that you said you are a single mum.
Hope you find time to check out our Lone Parents Lounge on the site. There are a lot of us on here who understand the extra difficulties as the only parent and trying to do things for yourself as well at the same time.

It's a place to come and receive support, give support or just have a good old moan about things....:)


thanks everyone....

Well this morning I've had a pint of water & a black tea.... I'll wait for my first shake until after I've done the nursery / school run.

Got a friend coming round for coffee too so must attempt to tidy alittle so she can sit somewhere! lol!

Off to drink some more water!

I keep thinking... the more you drink the mjore you shrink!

Looking forward to getting to know you all -x-



Hi ettie
This forum is fantastic for support,so my advice is post if you need a sympathetic ear/support etc
You'll have lost your weight in no time judging by everyone else here ! :)


Got a life thank you!
Hi Ettie

Are you who I think you are (and if so don't out me here lol)! Did I recommend this site to you - if not please feel free to ignore me!!

Good luck today hun, you can do it!

Yell if you need any thing - my phone number is on my website or I will post it else where for you (if you are who I think you are)!!

Definately drink loads and loads and loads. I prefer the water warm with flavourings it goes down easier but drink consistently throughout the day!


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(((((waves hello))))))


Thanks everyone... have drunk 3 pints so far this morn plus a shake which I used 10floz of hot(ish)water. I chose the cappacino & added a spoonful of coffee & it wasnt too bad. My next dilemma is wether to have a soup for luch or my meal tonight.... decisions decisions.....

Will go drink more water!


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Hi Ettie

Good luck with your day 1. As everyone has said, get through this first week and you will sail through. Just think by following this diet to the letter you will only have approx 1 stone or less to lose by the time Christmas arrives!!!!!!!!!!

You already seemed to have picked up on the most important factor of the diet and that is drink, drink, drink water and then drink some more.

I look forward to reading how you are doing.

Take Care

Jazzy x


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HI ettie

Hows it going? Well done on drinking so much water already!! Keep at it. :)


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Well done on starting CD the first few days are hard but keep going and it'll be so worth it in the end and you'll start feeling great.


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Hi Ettie - nice to 'meet' ya :)

welcome aboard...and good luck :D


Day one is drawing to a close... I've decided to blog my progress http://julieann.iblog.com

Today has been ok & I'm pleased that I've managed to drink over 5 ltrs of water as I've never drunk any water before. I am missing my tea & coffe & found it hard to drink it black today.

Anyways onwards & upwards....

Ettie -x-


Got a life thank you!
The first week is hard JulieAnn, no point in denying it, but it does get easier. I am struggling like crazy atm, I really want to eat again but am hanging in there for dear life.

Keep posting, keep drinking and keep your chin up, you are doing great.