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HELLP! i just dont understand

S: 19st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st9lb(3.37%)


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In regard to eating free food yes you can as much as you need to feel satisfied regardless of how much that might be. There are speed foods as well in with the free foods that can help your weight loss.

in regard to syns you need to eat between 5 and 15 a day, it will help with your weight loss.

In regard to mixing red and green there are ways for example extra easy where you can have anything that is free on red or green, you still have your syns (but if you have different syn values you take the lower one) but you only have one 'a' healthy extra and one 'b'. There is also mix to max, but I am not sure how that works.

There is another one called success express and I have even less clue about that one, but someone here will be able to help and probably explain things better than I have!

Hope that helps

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Are you going to class? It's hard to get started even there but if you try to do it without the basics its even harder! Go onto the SW website and they have plans you can download, get a magazine as that has a weekly plan. And yes you must have your syns, if you cut back you don't loose as fast.


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Check out the thread on advice for newbies in the stickies as this will answer all your questions and more.

Good luck!
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Firstly...HELLO! Welcome to SW :)

Definitely get yourself loaded up with info before you get started. SW is a brilliant plan, but it can be a bit complicated to get your head round at the start. Once you've got all the info and have been at it a couple of weeks though, it's brilliantly simple :)

If you can't get to a class, then either consider joining online, or just go to a class to get all the materials and then go it alone with lots of us here. Everyone here is very helpful and we're always pleased to help newbies with questions...but it's so much easier if you've grasped the basics already.
I second the advice of the others, have a quick look at the SW website, and see if you can get to a class to learn the basics, classes are also good to ensure you keep at it, they have good motivational talks etc. and the SW rep is there to help with any issues.
Good Luck :)